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August 04, 2011


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You are creating such glorious floral images lately. I didn't think that you could outdo that last post but this rivals it. I am overwhelmed by the lushness of color and these buds like precious gems spilling brilliant petals. Beautiful!!

Ramesh Sood

Oh, I missed being first by a whisker.. that's how it has always been and I have learnt to be comfortable.. I can see life running in the veins of the leaf.. glorious photograph, that!!! Yet another gift from the day..

Sue Fox

You always tend the 'little buds' so lovingly, wooing them along!

Sue x

Magical Mystical Teacher


In my great weariness this morning,after a mostly sleepless night, I read the last line of your haiku as "holy sacred cow." That just didn't seem right, so I reread it. Ah, NOW!

With fondness,


Sacred indeed. All those precious, beautiful blooms ... fading in the heat here ... UGH!!!!!


The bright colors in your garden make me smile! Enjoy the sounds, the smell (and in my case: 'taste', if I get the chance...) Have a nice weekend dear!


'''folded prayer'''



oh happy day!


Rebecca, a very nourishing Haiku!! The blossoms are filled with His glory and sweet scented honey!!

Kim Mailhot

What an incredible gift this plant is - wow !
Thank you for the celebration, Beautiful Rebecca.
Happy, happy Friday !

deb taylor

celebrating the lush green and purpleness that blooms all around us...happy Friday haiku love this day to you


I tuck these prayers into my heart... XOXOXO


Your haikus are always a joy to read because they say what I'm seeing in your photograph.


oooohhh! you are *good*, hummingbird haiku one!!! xoxo

miss pie

it is good to drink when one is thirsty!!!! i appreciate your thoughtful starbright 'kuz.... unbelieveable that god could be so great to make tasty fruit and beautiful flowers!!!... and thank you to those who visited last week, i apologize i was unable to visit others as i was in the woods on a lake with no internet nor tv... it was glorious


'folded prayer'

Oh, that's brilliant is what that is.

shall we haiku? Ok, but if it's closer to a waltz than a polka I'm in. :)

Jill K. Berry

Rebecca, today finds me filled with longing and some sadness. For missing you and our time, for the hometown I just had to leave again. Much love to you today.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Here it is, bedtime, and I'm posting in spite of myself. Thanks for your haiku and beautiful photo. I'm leaving for Washington and Canada on Monday, so doubt I'll post, but I am taking my iPad, so who knows?


Your early morning looks lush and beautiful...sitting in the New Mexico coolness with church bells ringing.


Account Deleted

In response to your invitation "shall we haiku", I say, Yes! Let's! Let's haiku till the break of dawn.Till the filling of souls begin. The haiku found here are inspiring, Rebecca.Always such a pleasure to visit.

Susie Clevenger

Thank you for your invitation to Haiku. Your blog is a place of beauty. So glad I found it.

Susie Clevenger

I forgot to supply my link...:)


The first haiku made me smile. I just love the line "holy sacred cow".


Now is the perfect time to be sacred, yes indeed!
Hope you are well, lovely!


sharon furner

Hi, I am around, had to take a short break from the computer. After dining on blueberries I opened up your photos and haiku...just lucious, ripe and nourishing like my yummy blueberries. You have so many talents. Yours is the only blog where I read the comments left. You have so many friends and sister soul belong to such a lovely group of tender hearted women. Have a lovely Sunday, maybe photograph some of your seashells and write a haiku...I could hand write out and tuck into my collection. Smiles:sharon


bowing my head in reverence.


I'm submitting a second haiku...I did say let's haiku till break of day!

Deb Taylor

such a lush and lovely collection of eye candy! I am refreshed and ready to move again...all my love and affection for Sunday Postcards

miss pie

noelle... couldn't leave a comment on your blog.... it is a wonderful post.... amazing how you expressed the idea of possessing something we see and like and once we take possession it is not what it was when we saw it... the beauty of sight and longing.. it is deep... when i think of iguanas i cannot help but to remember the movie "the night of the iguana" WOW excellent movie... it is all about everything... such as you conveyed in your beautiful heartfelt post..

Gloria Y

To quote Charlie Brown, "Auuugh!"
Bringing up the rear, but still here! Finally back in my favorite garden. Thank you Rebecca (and all other 'haiku-my-heart'-ers.

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