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August 25, 2011


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Great painting that matches the poem so well. I love the imagery.

Dawn Elliott

Ochre is a color that excites and entices me beyond measure. Yours is such a beautiful image, and 'virtues of simplicity' transport me to the women grinding corn at the Hotel Loredo's restaurant in SMA!


*Sigh*. I almost liked my name to this website. It's bedtime for me. Thanks for hosting this amazing link up. Ochre always reminds me of Bob Ross talking about adding a little yellow ochre to a painting.


I love ochre too Rebecca. Such a warm essential colour. Beautiful haiku as always!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Grind the corn, make tortillas, release the sun--heavenly!


I love the image on that plate. It is so warm and inviting. I am drawn into this kitchen by friends. We're about to share repast that has the sunshine of a long and fruitful growing season available to all in attendance. I can taste the corn, beans and rice.
You are faithful my friend, and we await the strike of Friday to visit as we know we are welcome here and wish to be in your presence.


Sue Fox

My lovely Rebecca, so few words, so much meaning. The elegance of simplicity, becoming more by means of less just like the haiku.

Thank you,

Sue x


Once I translated your haiku - I always learn new words on Fridays ;) - I was/am in ooh and aah... such a beautiful mind-image you put in my head now! Thanks Rebecca!


It reminds me of the baking of golden brown Indian bread or "Roti". The three essential basic needs here are considered as "Roti, Kapada aur Makaan " which when translated reads as "Bread, Clothing and Housing". The post today took me to the humble homes where Roti is cooked everyday for meals!! It is amazing to see the skill of making paper thin and absolutely round roti's by the dozens in every household!! :)


Such vivid colors in photo and words. May the rays of the sun bless you this weekend!

Noelle Clearwater

The warm and redolent smells of corn and handmade tortillas cooking in the kitchen, are a wonder. The colors in your image, the ochers, blues and reds, are the colors of Mexico and the women lovingly laboring at their culinary task evoke such a sense of home, place and belonging. I can imagine the dish they are preparing with the potatoes and corn that I see there and the number of family members who will join them at casa de todos.

Kim Mailhot

Always so grateful to find you waiting here to receive us with your heart and hospitality.
Happy Friday, Lovely, Lovely Heart !


No simple household chores for to the lake to read and draw and row.

Ramesh Sood

This is beautiful..thank you Rebecca.. I have often seen Ochre..
spread on the skies.around late evenings.. love the colour..In fact Ochre was a prompt at One Single Impression..


aahhh, yes---
'''the simple
beauty of friday'''

hurricane irene's wide wind bands
now passed with heavy rain
but no damage
through my florida neighborhood.
all is good.

i send prayers
to north carolina's exposed shoulder.

do send your loyal sun...

Jill K. Berry

Ochres of all hues remind me of the desert southwest, its light and stories.
Warm fuzzies sent your way.


you gotta way of coaxing a vagabond out of the shadows...that's for sure.


sharon furner

Your lovely words and the image of ochre lift my spirits as I face a long day knowing my daughter is in the hardest hit part of the hurricane right now. Ochre is the first of the oils to be used up...the hint of yellow and warmth, yet a calming hue. The image is enhanced by your when my mind sizzles in worry, I will imagine your image of every day life and golden words...Thank you, warmly, sharon


Dear Rebecca, Just stopping by to say Hello. Thank you for the beautiful painting and words today! Love the Ocher colour: it makes me feel warm, comforted and happy. I hope alls well with you!! Love Wini xo

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