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August 18, 2011


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Good day Rebecca!! What a beautiful deep blue flower to accompany such lovely words... Always a joy to be here on a Friday!
Have a great weekend and Bravo on raising so much money for the Oaxaca children - xoxo


That photographnis unbelievable. I just sat and stared at it. It is such a beautiful shade of color and the shadows are playing on it. Only nature can create like thatm and a true artist captures the beauty. Your sweet haiku tells the everyday tale of many flowers. Myabe we need to live like them.


Ramesh Sood

I loved the opening-up of flower.. must have been waiting with a hope... well my chain of haikus today talk something like that..of some hope..

Sue Fox

I once had a blouse the very same colour, I loved it and remember it to this day, as do I my mother ironing the pleats in my school skirt, just like your flower pleats.

Thanks for jolting my memory giving 'new birth' to old delights, dark cares are soon banished with the light of the sun.

Thank you for shining so brightly.

Sue x


Glory in the morning! Morning glory! Wonderful picture and a beautiful Good Morning Haiku!!! Wishing you well!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I see the sun shining in the heart of that morning glory!


Opening hearts for the welfare and protection of those who do not have the benefits enjoyed by others, giving them a new lease of light in their life is such a noble cause and also reflects in your Haiku here today!!
To enjoy God's blessings and to recognize it every day is like a sunny spot where flowers grow !!
Good to hear of the generous donations by 'great hearts and willing hands' towards "raising the roof" 2011 for 'Oaxaca street children grassroots'


Wow! Spectacular Morning Glory. And, a good morning glory to you!


Morning glory - brings hope to my heart. So happy to be back visiting and seeing all the familiar faces.


A perfect ode to a new day!!! Happy Haiku Friday!

Dawn Elliott

The glory and potential of each new morning...YES! Beautiful in every way, Rebecca!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Making time to visit your beautiful entry for Haiku My Heart--all the way from Victoria BC. Gorgeous flower and words.


what a beautiful shot!


Diving into the pool of morning in all your glory this afternoon Rebecca! XOXOXO


I love how this morning glory beckons me to open new births with the sun, casting out the dark. What a great image to view with a glad heart every morning!


A beautiful and glorious flower. Blue light of dawn with a golden sun in the center. I have many pictures of these. I love them. Sorry I am late.


i so needed the words of your haiku, this morning. thank you.


What a great theme about rebirth. Thanks for hosting.


A beautiful haiku... Happy day ~


Oh, the glory of morning glories! I dearly love them, singing each morning alive with color and hope!


How did the sun get into the heart of the morning glory? The answer would require another haiku!Beautiful words to fit the beautiful flower.

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