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August 11, 2011


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Dear Sweet Rebecca,
These harbinger birds, first the loons and now the raven. My dear girl. I spent about twenty minutes desperately searching the internet for something for you because I love you and wanted you to have something good and uplifting to "fly with". So here it is, part of a London blog regarding a raven encounter and I will leave the link as well but this is the part I wanted to share:

This is what Animal Spirit says about Raven:

Rebirth without fear

Ability to tear down what needs to be rebuilt
Ability to find light in darkness
Courage of self-reflection
Comfort with self
Honouring ancestors
Connection to the Crone
Change in consciousness
New occurrences
It seems that a new element is being added to the mix. Reading more about Raven in many traditions, it seems that Raven is a totem or guide for people who go deep into the darkness, who seek healing for self and for others, and whose personal wings are filled with all the colours inherent in the light and yet who appear dark.

I’ve been considering a journey into the darkness of my own shadow; perhaps my guide for this has alighted now nearby and is about to steal my notes. Because the journey into the dark has no map, no tour notes, no travel book.

All you have is the iridescent wings of a Raven.

(I am also reminded of your amazing paper bag drawings of the raven and the woman's face, your own inner self)



The Indaba post is not so joyful, but I felt commpelled and the image is quite amazing I thought. Hope you like it for that.


My husband's personal totem has always been a raven. It suits him. I always enjoy your posts.
Happy Friday,
Rosie =)


Your haiku really got to me...

Sue Fox

I too am feeling the turn of things, it happened a few days ago you can just sense it in the air, we are so inextricably linked to all things,and each other.



I love your writing Rebecca. I never have the right words to say how much but it is a lot! xx

Magical Mystical Teacher

I am growing old too. But there's not much I can do about it, short of lying down and dying--which I refuse to do! Thank you for your precious haiku!


I rather look at my age as being mature...Old I am not yet...Maybe when I reach 100. Hoping your days are filled with wonder that cannot be stolen from you! Wishing you well!


Yes, lets Haiku! Love the raven/crow ... at the crone stage I really relate!


I started to sing "Black Crow Talkin' to Me" as soon as I saw the photo. The Haiku is beautiful and brings many emotions forwatd for me. Time does march on, doesn't it? Yet there is a peace to it as well. A calming, like the work is finished and we can rest until the next episode of life, or even until a change takes place for the current episode we are dealing with.
Lovely and wonderful, both photo and Haiku, but also You.
I am in Milwaukee for the weekend. I have the laptop, but not much time to spend on line. I'll try to visit all of the contributers as I can.

Peace, very much, I wish Peace.

Kim Mailhot

I think all of us of tender heart feel the shadows coming now. That is what makes us seek the light, hold on to it when we can, celebrate it joyously, and know that we are filled of it. You are a bright, bright light in this place and beyond, beautiful, beautiful Heart.
I love you.
Peace and love.


How dear and sweet your friends...Noelle's search for the 'light' in the dark, beautiful.

Take these wings and fly


Ms. Moon

What if every day
Is not one in a long chain
But just it's own self?


Seize the day...good advise from the raven. Great photo capture and wise words that speak directly to me.


Awesome photo. I thought it was a hawk but I guess since you took the picture, you would know. You always write so eloquently. I marvel at you.


Oh, I feel those shadows of autumn. As I worked today to gather inspirations for the icon workshop I teach, I suddenly knew this icon would be the Bringer of the Autumn winds. She will no doubt bring her own haiku.

Jill K. Berry

The raven comes from all colors, his story is magnificent. His colors are on my blog. xooxoxoox


old? balderdash!

you little fleeting hummingbird you.

flower to flower to flower never-ending.

Miss Robyn

the raven a wonderful, wonderful totem. I love Raven energy xo

Miss Robyn

oops - forgot to say I love you too xo - this weekend, I hope to join in Postcards from Paradise - still sick :(


Amazing, Rebecca, how you have drawn together this photo, haiku, and evocative language to create a vivid metaphor that expresses so much meaning in the heart, the gut, the soul, and in the mind's eye as well. The lens capturing this incredible bird as it swoops straight down, eye and beak on its prey, is truly the defining moment of you, our artist, Rebecca. Imagine the icon of the holy spirit diving straight down, whispering divine truths into our ears, the white dove of innocent youth. This black bird of prey--so huge, look at its tail feathers!--represents "introspection" as Noelle noted above re the raven: the introspection we begin to discern as we grow older and wiser. Yes, the days are growing shorter this summer as are the days of our lives: let us live each day to its fullest and be grateful for the time left to us and for the haiku my heart circle who adds so much richness, grace, and beauty to our lives.
"My candle burns at both ends--
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
It gives a lovely light."
~Edna St. Vincent Millay

 encore...please of please

every comment, like a book here. The gathering of so many beautiful friends. I am honored to be flying with you all. Thank you Rebecca for being our guiding light.


I came here through Marit. She writes the most beautiful haiku's I think!!
Last week I made this collage and I couldn't find a matching quote, saying or lyrics to go with it... so I challenged myself to write a haiku too... It is the very first one I managed to produce....

miss pie

hmmm... it is indeed true... already the touches of summer heat expand and retract in even the slightest of motion... the raven is one to sit and converse with.. he can mock and steal yr dreams but only b/c they shine so.... life is a wonderful 'ku filled to the brim with light.. i linger in the garden enjoying the scents and colors as they pass through this way as well...i've touched upon this same thought as you... i wonder yes we all are connected regardless of time and space... how enjoyable it is to read the all the comments...

Gloria Y

'humming birds dip and curtsy to each bright flower...

the world so unbearably bright in a thousand eyes of morning glories'

Oh, Lord! If I can carry just those words with me to sleep tonight...they somehow make me remember that however long I have lived, I've lived long enough to be grateful for just such moments...

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