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July 26, 2011


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Such beauty here, formed from thoughtful flowers of time ,tin, and the healing pigments of blue,yellow and red~ protected by sand ground-to-a-sheen ~ holding at its center the fiery and passionate heart of the Mother of All. Thank you for this Pilgrimage into such a private retreat, rebecca.
Much Love,

sharon furner

A halo above a halo...reminds me that there are most likely angels forming a halo about our own faces, hearts and hands. Beautiful piece, serene face, what is she thinking of?

Burning bright in my heart: the beginning of a sunny new day full of possibilities.

Janet Ghio

She's beautiful1


sunflowers tipping toward the light and the other good things I see and feel are burning bright in my heart.

beautiful piece!!

Leslie M

This is beautiful, Rebecca!



well, *wow*, one thing that's burning bright in my heart is THIS SHRINE. oh my! sooo, so beautiful, rebecca... xoxo

Kim Mailhot

Beautiful shrine.

Burning bright in my heart is the knowledge that in this moment, everything is fine.So keep on coming back to this moment.

Oh and big beautiful love for my sweet friends and loved ones !
Light and love to you, Dear One.


Even your questions are poetic! *smile* This is a beautiful piece you've made, Rebecca. You know, I had a Protestant upbringing so the symbols behind Mary, Jesus and the saints have always seemed so mysterious to me.

What's burning bright in my heart tonight? Knowing that my favourite boy is in the other room, that I have a good book to finish tonight in the bedroom and that tomorrow I'll be meeting up with a good friend to make art. Small stuff but good stuff.

jenny f

This is beautiful and so well executed. You are incredibly talented. Good going!

Magical Mystical Teacher

If we are flotsam and jetsam in the hands of God, imagine what can be done with us!

missing moments

Very beautiful Rebecca! Now off over to Meri's!


you came looking for me, and here i am... to find the beauty you create from things discarded or overlooked... thank you.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

What a lovely shrine! Aren't artists -- including you -- just amazing gifts to the world?


She is beautiful Rebecca!My dream home would be a hacienda with artwork such as this lining the walls..greeting me each day..sigh.Thank you for the email~I look forward to your "post"!!


YOU make my heart sing and shine in joy!
abrazos amiga!


She is beautiful Rebecca, thank you for sharing your joy with this shrine today in the quiet, but every day, for this is what you do and who you are, xoO


Death, anguish, and the peace that comes with the passage of time visited me yesterday. Or perhaps it was more that I visited IT. Please stop by at my sepia scenes post. The story is there.

And, as usualy, Recebba, your Blessed Mother Shrine has captured by heart.


Thank you for making a real effort to explain this. I feel quite strongly about this and want to know more.

בניית בריכות שחייה

It's beautiful! I would like such painting with art on the walls like this. Thanks for sharing this one.

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