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July 10, 2011


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Glad to feel your presence Rebecca and the beautiful plaster bird and your words are a superb reflection of you!
Lifting you up~~~


My heart is pierced with joy and moved beyond measure at reading your words and drinking in this lovely image that you have created. What visionary journeys you guide us through with such a gentle staff and star. I am amazed and strengthened each time I read what you write. It only confirms my belief that art is restorative and healing to the spirit, for you have suffered greatly and it is art and poetry that allow you to transcend toward the light. I have recorded some of your words here in a note as a quotation from you. They are so entirely beautiful.
Much Love my friend,

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, variations on this enigmatic bird and on your visions and dreams while you helped heal yourself with sleep. Have you worked with Carl Jung's Red Book? Your voice and your art is very sacred, not just to you, but it heals us, too. I hope you have more energy this week. Your hot weather probably doesn't help.

Sue Fox

Dear Rebecca,

Your words bring back to mind something I watched on TV last night about Vincent Van Gogh, I thoroughly resonated with the way they portrayed his rapturous periods of creativity, the swirls of his mind bringing forth amazing expressions with paint, the same is true of your words and imagery!

Love and energy to you,

Sue x


Hey Rebecca,
I entered the incorrect URL first. Will you please delete it?


I linked Meri because I saw that she posted for postcards. Hope that is okay.


dearest one,
Your heart is magnificent. So often I come here and stand amazed at your divine ability to see. Then you share those visions in words and art with us. Thank you for being here. We are blessed by you.


I loved your blog- lots of spunkiness and charisma going on here!

Melinda Bloom

This is a stunningly beautiful blog - I have goose bumps and most certainly will be back regularly. I love your work. I've made the most wonderful friends through art - it truly gives back so much.

missing moments

Such passion in your words and art!


This works is growing in passion and depth!

thank you for Mr Linky-ing me :)

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Hi there, Dear One. When I posted this morning, you were still slumbering, so I left the house without linking. Luckily Noelle remedied that neglect when your post went up. Your little birds are making little sounds of joy. I can imagine them flying far and wide, looking for ribbons of joy to bring back to you and little branches of healing.

Magical Mystical Teacher

"feet firm in the house of summer"

O how I delight in this little image! From little things, however, great things often grow. Methinks I could take that line, run with it, and grow it into a book! In the meantime, however, I'll simply treasure it, hold it close, and nurture it. Thank you.

sharon furner

Such poetic words and thoughts. I, too, watch the birds, daily, the stars when they make it through the city vapors, it is all one and the same. You express it with such heart and passion. So wonderful to have your new plaster art form to give visualization to your dreams.

I would subscribe to Postcards from the Edge but am new to it, have no idea as to how it works. Will put a bit of research in and then maybe show up someday.

You are blessed with Open Eyes.

 encore...please of please

I am flying in heart with you Rebecca.
I am holding you near as possible.
Come drink with me, passionately.


yes, it is a paradox, friend... and even our response is paradoxical, for while i sorrow over the pain that you suffer, and long for it to cease, i can't help appreciating the beauty that pours forth into your art...

Leslie M

There is such beauty in your work and in your words. Thank you for sharing yourself so freely. I hope you are feeling better.


oh, oh, how did i miss this? i love this so much, rebecca... and did you *crack* the plaster? brilliant!! you are...


Dawn Elliott

I love how you show us a little more in each picture, as you also reveal more details about your life...and the struggles that ultimately bring forth such beauty.
What a spectacular, yet heart wrenching painting!

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