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July 31, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

From the first picture of the Parroquia, to the flowers and palm weavings in Sallie's hands, your photos swept me away into the magic of San Miguel during Holy Week! I am anticipating our journey there next spring with great exuberance and joy!


So beautifully moving...


Oh, how beautiful. My heart will be there with you!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Travel with Rebecca is magic. So is San Miguel.


Ditto to Meri's comment...happy paradise!

Noelle Clearwater

A beautiful and sacred pilgrimage, rebecca. Thank you for gracing us with these wonderful photos of the journey there. I hope some day to join you all. I cannot imagine someone travelling there and being the same afterward.


Beautiful pictures Rebecca. I once went on holiday to Seville and we were there at the end of Holy Week. Interesting and beautiful. x


I so agree that the pictures are magical...and with your eye become something different. I was raised Catholic, and over the years as I left my faith behind the rituals seemed empty and meaningless...but meaning is in the eye of the beholder, and what meaning there is here, Rebecca--Thank you! xoO


sounds like heaven. xo.

Fran aka redondowriter

This sounds like such a wondrous trip. Your photos are enticing. Busy weekend so no time to post a card and I realize how much I enjoy participating.


Your photos are magical, Rebecca. I am transported in time and place. I think I would like to go there.

E makes art

Your photographs are wonderful!


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