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July 17, 2011


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How amazing and wonderful is this! A blog where we can see the rugs and a cooperative Etsy shop! I am so happy that things are progressing in this way for them. I wonder if they have a Facebook Page about it? If they don't, mention to them that that is the next step in promoting their site. How exciting. I love these warm and beautiful images of food and people gathering. It is lovely and it is making me hungry!


I posted twice because I found such a heart-opening image on Istvan Kerekes site and he allowed me to use whatever I like while he is on holiday. I hope you don't mind.


Beautiful work, beautiful hearts.

Sue Fox

Small seeds of inspiration, well watered by your loving self.

Sue x

Magical Mystical Teacher

Tortilla art? Oh, my!

Dawn Elliott

What wonderful images from our beloved paradise. We have to figure out a way to go visit these incredible women soon!


oh those beautiful 'printed' tortillas...

a perfect postcard of paradise

Fran aka Redondowriter

It's so nourishing to the soul to see simplicity as an every day occurrence. Thanks for this post today.


Fascinating and full of things I have not seen before. Beautiful postcard thank you!



thanks for the links!

i think i might
~~Need a rug~~
but it is hard 2 decide
which one...


Love the Bog Fish one....

Leslie M

What a brilliantly great idea! I'm going back to check out these links!



Thank you so much for the introduction. I can appreciate the effort that goes into making a hooked piece and especially love these.

Margaret Lambert

Such an enjoyable post of life and color! I'm sure the Etsy shop will be a great success. Best summer wishes to all you and friends...

sharon furner

This morning you are the second author/artist of a blog site that is on a journey of promoting and helping others. It makes me so happy when I see these offerings of sharing, praise and care for others. And you go a step further in caring for those with fewer means of contacting with a larger audience. This post is simply wonderful as it is dedicated to these beautiful women. I look forward to reading all of your links. Today these women must have a huge smile on their faces seeing their hands, their handiwork so beautifully presented. Thank you.

Kim A.

What a wonderful post Rebecca! These women and their hands are so full of joyful productivity and love for their families :)

Thank you for the Etsy link. I have added their shop to my favorites!

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