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July 06, 2011


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Miss Robyn

oh just beautiful Rebecca. so talented :)


I love the colors, the imagery, the heart. Lovely, lovely.

Ms. Moon

You know I love these.

Janet Ghio

I adore your birds!! The colors are just wonderful!!


I am absolutely TAKEN with this new work!! The color is making my day and making me itch to play!

Angela Recada

Beautiful. I especially love the colors. I can feel the joy!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

These are marvelous! I've got to experiment more and sand less............

Sue Fox

Wherever you flap your wings magic appears!

Sue x


Love this, you are so prolific! xoO


Beautiful! The birds and the powerful colors so resonate with me! And the birds are giving the love that makes a home! xxoo


What a great visit I've had here, Rebecca...always such beautiful pictures and your new art work is truly inspiring. I hope to get back to my own very soon. I might cheat and do something small tomorrow...shhhh...

 encore...please of please

oh how I want to come get PLASTERED and PAINTY with you

Kim Mailhot

Oh, this makes me joyful ! The colors, the birds and the loving home are such beautiful symbols of the loving heart that created them ! So glad you are having such fun !


indeed it does. and this vision of that truth is so full of that joy...

John McElveen

I'm in Love with this one!!



you did so good, missy!


loving them
2 bits,
birdies and

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