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July 21, 2011


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One of my favorite lines of yours, rebecca "drink deep from small cups." I am reminded so much of Thich Nhat Hanh and Amy Uyematsu's poem about him when I read your words. here is the link to it.,
I love the image of the geisha so graciously pouring tea as well. Wouldn't it be nice if we were all sitting round having a cup reading our haikus together. I guess we are!


Dear Rebecca,

There is nothing too spiritual about my haikus this week but they definitely reflect a recent experience that bothered me for several days.

Just as your geisha reflects openness between people, my experience recently reminded me of how closed other people are to each other.


Sue Fox

Thank you for your generous invitation to 'drink deep' with you and all who gather.

How serene and full of 'grace'is your haiku offering and image.

Sue x


I can tell that you drink deep from your quiet dreams. Lovely haiku to go along with that sweet picture of drinking in small cups.


I feel like Noelle feels. That we are drinking it all in together. I look forward to Friday to drink and nourish. This elixer, Haiku, sets me free, a small drink at each one.



I too love our friday gathering - so nourishing and heartwarming. Thank YOU, dear Rebecca.


Ahh... Rebecca, you touched me with your haiku. 'drink deep from small cups'. I will, my friend, I will!

Magical Mystical Teacher

There is an art to drinking deep from small cups. It is called, I think, love...


I love everything TEA! And, I love Haiku My Heart.


Small cups... like in the traditional tea ceremony. I had a wonderful image from the film, Karate Kid, pop into my head when I read your haiku - beautiful! =)
Happy Friday Rebecca!


we shall...

Dawn Elliott

Thank you dearly for a place to commune with other like-minded spirits each Friday -it is such a blessing for all who participate. Beautiful haiku today, honoring everyone.

Gloria Y

Lovely associations, beautiful haiku. Memories of cousins long ago in Japan teaching me the subtleties of tea ceremony, gently teasing about my round-eyed, gaijin (foreign) ways while eagerly grasping new and interesting English phrases gained in our exchanges (What a sweet boy!) :)

 encore...please of please

here, once again to drink you in, every Friday, everyday


Loved the graceful tea drinking ceremony and we are great tea and coffee drinkers here in India!
I'm BACK!! Thank you for your kind concern when I was away for 4 months. I am overwhelmed and feel like I am home again.

I have made a small error by linking my post to the earlier date as well :(


Each small cup of haiku
and moments shared here
are deep indeed.



i think today's is my very favorite of your haikus.

i have left some words for you on my page; far too many to be called 'haiku', but for you, with love, nonetheless.




well, you now what i mean...


A circle of joy sipping from small cups, being filled in ways beyond our imaginations. My "cup" is a cupcake that was a small cup shared with a dear friend and now shared with you. she will love knowing that her gift has continued to move out into the world.


So sorry to be such an eejit - I left last week's link in the box - duh!


I too wait for Friday nights (again) to haiku! Peace to you!

Fran aka Redondowriter

In the midst of some anxiety, I feel very calm after reading your haiku, Rebecca. Now I'm off to visit the other participants. Thanks, as always.


The haiku on this post was so spiritual. I love the simple beauty of it. Thank you for sharing.


I can relate.. it is the same feeling I get when I write a haiku I think! :)


Hey Rebecca, my meme Haiku Heights turns 1yr old today. As a celebration, it is a free topic prompt this week there. The prompt opens in another 14 hrs, and will stay open all week. Do join in if you can :)

Invite open to all haiku lovers also of course!


i'm a little late to the tea party, but better late than never, right?

miss pie

hiya rebecca... the sweetest song of songs... friendship shared haikuz.... thank you dearest blog poetry friend... may the light always be near... miss pie


Hi Rebecca ~

I am new to haiku forms, so its a pleasure to read your blog ~


I just adore your descriptionof haiku as "little cups of nourishment". I sincerely hope that's the kind of haiku I write, at least sometimes. I very much enjoy these little "cups" of others.


quiet dreams and small cups...a beauty of
a haiku - I so adore the haiku - and
terribly glad to have found this site.

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