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July 07, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

I love your bluebirds...who truly bring me joy! Such beautiful paintings and words this week, as we begin to experience our beloved monsoons.


oh my, my... i do love these blue birds, and these green leaves, and this pink background...

joy, joy...



Goodmorning Rebecca.. what a wonderful way to wake up - see those beautiful blue birds and read your haiku! Friday's have become very special to me! I'm not ready to publish my haiku/blogpost yet (I need coffeeeee....) but you'll see it coming later in the day. Enjoy your weekend dear one!

Gloria Y

I have only the vaguest notion of what lies ahead today, but this sweet haiku and these bright bluebirds certainly push things in the right direction! xox

Ramesh Sood

A very Happy Hello to you Rebecca... its Friday... I didn't know you had beautiful pictures of birds here.. what a coincidence today I turned into a bird and wrote... a haikued poem.. something that poured out like rain from the deepest corners of my inner space where perhaps clouds of doubts melted.. thanks for being so inspiring..

Waiting for your blessings.. RS :)


Such bold, beautiful, and vibrant colors! Lifts the spirits along with these encouraging words! Have a wonderful weekend! Cathy


You are always such a joy. Thanks for another wonderful post.

Best wishes, Boonie

Kim Mailhot

I see the joy has spread into today as well, from early on ! How wonderful !
Much gratitude to you and for you, Beautiful Rebecca, for bringing us together in this creative and loving way each week.
Love and light !


The neocolors on the plaster!!!

I was inspired this morning to add another bit haiku....for you


Great looking plaster blue birdies!! And always a inspired haiku!!




popping in to say 'hello', and that i have yet to receive an address for my shrine...?


Magical Mystical Teacher

The bluebirds leave me breathless!

Sue Fox

I think I might try a bit of plaster and carving myself, it seems the perfect occupation on a rainy day!

Sue x


Yes! Welcome to this day. Your pink sky and bluebirds greeting haiku my heart.
My love to you <3


Beautiful art and I love your bright colors! I like the comfort of worries falling that come from this haiku.

missing moments

Beautiful bluebirds ... such joy it gives!

Kim A.

Worries fall like rain ..... I love that :)

 encore...please of please

once again, I found time to use little words, big pictures and haiku LOVE. I love your paintings, your heart and all of YOU


Oh my it just struck me, and I am not a religious person in the usual way, but I think you are ministering to us in a way with what you write and share. This is the church of Rebecca, a place to take solace and be calm and thoughtful in a chaotic world. Right? I do find peace here when I come so why not? Thank you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

The Church of Rebecca. I like that. I love this haiku and your art work. So bright and cheery. I love oil pastels but have never tried the ones you mention. I'm off to see what the difference is. Thanks for all you do for all of us.


Beautiful haiku -- I'm reading on Friday night and enjoying the blue --


This is the most beautiful offering. I am reminded of a lovely myth of the bluebird of happiness upon seeing your beautiful work here. I am trying to ignore the pounding of workmen in and around my apartment building, but your bluebirds seem to do the trick. Rebecca these are simply divine. I can find no other word to describe them. They came directly from your soul. Birds are always spirit avatars in my opinion. Beautiful! I posted late but I worked hard on it despite all the chaos in my life recently. Hope you like it.


Exquisite, Rebecca~ I love this haiku of the bluebird beckoning us at dawn, the first rays of the sun... and later the bluebirds fluttering down like drops of rain dissipating our worries. The colors, Rouault outlining, and the texture are so glorious... You have outdone yourself, as usual! xo

Ramesh Sood

Hello Rebecca and all the friends on HMH... do visit to see my 300th post.. a poem, a fourliner verse and indeed th epoem that flowed for the occasion.. hope I have done justice.. regards..

sharon furner

This is thus far my favorite of your plaster paint the colors of your landscape.

Shelley Whiting

I love your works. Your birds are astounding and lovely. I love the bright and vibrant colors. Beautiful work.

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