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July 28, 2011


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This is kind, beautiful. I'm glad to have visited and shared with you, today.


And I'm sure the bee would with glee, accept the invitation :) Lovely haiku, Rebecca. And I have mentioned both your Haiku my Heart, and Jenn's Sensational Haiku Wednesday blogs at a separate page on Haiku Heights too :)

Miss Robyn

thankyou for being a special soul who continually fills my cup with care & love. my soul says thankyou xo

Dawn Elliott

I love the line "and fill your cup in peace each moment; forever." Beautiful sentiments from a beautiful soul. Thank you, as always, for your inspiration.


Rebecca dear,
I love this post. I feel it is as though you have read my mind, and that we are somehow connected all of the time. "That the large and charitable sky sings softly above you." That is my hope too my friend, and Love, and the recognition of Soul in the eyes of everyone. Yes, I think that you have been on my shoulder today. This is so beautiful!
thank you. I am grateful for you always.

Gloria Y

My cup, always refilled when I come here
May I spill a trail of joy wherever I go
libation to life!
Thank you, Rebecca


The morning came with diffuse light, the sky is singing softly and I hum along while I hop to your blog to enjoy 'Haiku my Heart'. Have a great weekend dear one!

Kim Mailhot

There is just something so magical about the hugeness of the sunflower. How it sucks in life energy fromt he sun and soil and grows so quickly and becomes this being, as big as us or bigger...
I hope your weekend is filled with magical energy, Lovely One !
Love you !

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca.. so delightful.. I filled my cup here.. wow.. I shall cherish the taste and enjoy.. Well HMH inspires a lot.. thanks for this lovely space..


Rebecca, when the sun shines here, it is all too easy to feel "that the large and charitable sky sings softly above you"... Today is such a day and thank you for reminding me to be grateful for that! Have a wondrous weekend! =)


Thank you too for bringing us all here together, to drink together...our sunflowers are tipping their heads to gold finch, my summer delight!!


every*time i pop in over here
i think--->

I must get a Larger Cup
for my Happiness!



a Larger Cup!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Oh what joy to wake up to your haiku and breathtaking photo. We are fogged in this morning, but I know the sun will eventually make its way here. Thank you.


Such a great haiku blessing today. "Deep rooted in fruitful soil" May your cup be filled and overflowing.


what a beauty of a haiku.



miss pie

... love the idea of the big blue sky being "charitable".... that we may be well watered in a fertile soil.... amen....


Oh, Rebecca! In your beautiful, rich language, you are saying that when you awaken, you stretch to the sun and proclaim that you will be loving, generous, and grateful this day. Thank you for the gift of this wonderful sharing; may your karma bring you joy each and every day. Much love, Margaret

Magical Mystical Teacher

sun for a lifetime,
fruit for a season—all things
converging in hope


I am having one of those real brain freeze days. I accidentally posted my link at the end of the 24th and 21st. Ahhhh! But your haiku for this week was just too beautiful to miss.


Thank you for such an inspirational haiku, so bright and full of hope.


Beautiful form... I am starting to like it more and more...


I get drawn to Haiku My Heart like a bee to a honey pot!! You have an exquisite haiku filled with warmth and accompanied by a radiantly vibrant picture.Its like bees we swarm here every Friday!!

 encore...please of please

buzzing back to you
nectar drinking lip licking
honey between us


My cup, my soul, always filled here, Rebecca, also! I echo the others...xoO


so happy to find (haik)u.

sharon furner

AS I read through the many comment posts, it is very clear how dearly you are loved, admired, respected and cherished. Your elegant words written with a flourish, your ideas and inspirations that you share, your well tuned photographic eye, the combination waxes a magical thread by which we are fed the most divine. I am so blessed to have "met" you in a pile of dusty plaster. Smiles: sharon

Mike Jackson

Not sure how I found your blog but I'm so glad I did.
I'm sure my humble attempts at haiku will be enriched by reading yours and others making the link.

Susie Clevenger

The beauty of the sunflower...planted sunshine...beautiful haiku

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