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July 15, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, Rebecca, you and I both chose to write about light this morning, although from vastly different perspectives. Lovely thought...that the light might wake us. May it do so!


good morning MMT.
with this full moon dancing on the pond right outside my morning window...
it is all i can think about.
so here we are friend,
sharing the light!


may the moonlight lift and carry us all this evening in her magical beams


Yes! I was out after midnight taking photos of that same moon, through the pines... and the funny thing is, I kept getting "moon spots" in the same place as your lake reflection!


Beautiful photo and beautiful words from a beautiful person and friend. I also love Fridays. Allows me permission to be creative, not that I think I need it, but because I feel I'm needed, and that's the good part.

Peace and love


What a gorgeous photo Rebecca... and matching words! =)
Happy Friday!


Spadoman caught it..we need to feel needed, a part of something larger than ourselves. thank you, Rebecca, for creating this place, this wonder. You are light itself.....


would you believe I basked in the light early...

it usually shined right down on me but last night I slept so hard I didn't even feel her presence.


I am in love with this image! It is stunning, so soft and meltingly beautiful. Such heavenly light on that pond. I am offering you a poem from our own Shadow Knight here about the moon from her blog:

Luna's Light
Glittering softly on the slashing waves of the sea,
It brings beauty from the strangest places,
Luna, please bless this world with light.
--Shadow Knight

Dawn Elliott

I was taking in the moon's glory last night when we had a magical that you captured it so beautifully in your photo and haiku today!



Gorgeous! The moon really calls to me and this was truly special.

(Yep ... landed in the back of the pick-up! The winds were very light, the chase was easy and we were right there when she came in for the landing, so we led the balloon to the truck! One and only time we did.)

Jill K. Berry

Rebecca, I am headed to California, just about to head over the mountains to see this kind of moon. Nice to share this with you.
Missing you, the time of year I usually get a good fix. xoox to you and DH.


the full moon shines
where i wait
for you



We basked in moonlight last night. It was gigantic on the horizon.


Sharing the light today! Rebecca, you are a light to us all!

missing moments

lovely words for a moonlit night


i echo marit's words, rebecca... shine on bright one... xoxo


Yes here too!! Such a kind moon is she~~



Lovely moon... lovely haiku!


Perfect for a full moon coming at sunset tonight, r.

~p 8^)


i love the simplicity of this, rebecca. i'm glad i stopped by



Wow. I found out about this site from one of my other haiku friends, and I love it. I hope to turn myself into a regular participant here con mucho corazón.

Gloria Y

I love moonlit nights soooo much. Big old moon blasting out light...I somehow managed to miss this one, working late, but I'm so glad you caught it and shared!

Really awesome picture. I had never seen such amazing picture. It's look like moon in the water.

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