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July 11, 2011


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missing moments

Wonderful words and so true! Glad you had a dad like that!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I visited the Dear Photograph Web site, Rebecca. In some instances, you'd have to have very strong hands to hold on to your heart...


This is so touching. Your Dad has strong arms! Thank you for your visits and lovely messages of support! I had a look through all your posts about the plaster class. Your work is fantastic and its wonderful to see how inspired and passionate you are about it. Fingers crossed that you get to do the wax class as well...!! Wini xo

Ramesh Sood

I am deeply touched... and you took me down the memory lane.. Rebecca.. thank you!!!!


you and 'dear photograph' have done me in.



I adore this idea...I find the most incredible inspiration tumbling around tumblr.

thank you for pointing out this gem.


One of the most tragic things in my life was when we had a fire and almost all of our photographs, irreplaceable ones from years gone by with members who have joined the stars a long time ago, were destroyed. I love the idea and the spirit behind it.

And I am happy that once again we managed, you and I, to create synchronicity.


Holding onto my heart.
Never letting go
letting go
both full of


What a lovely site. It is a beautiful photograph. I love the way he and the boat make a protective heart around the little girl. x

miss pie

ohhh rebecca that pix makes my heart sing... we use to live by the coast and spent many a summer as children on the beach... my dad had a woody and would pile all us kids into the car and out we would head to the beach.... thank you for that love-filled photo!!!... miss pie


This is a Great Dear Postcard Rebecca.
It's touching too......
that's how I fell reading many of the postcard entries on that site.


Kim A.

My dad too ... The strongest hands the most watchful eye and the warmest hugs ... Bless!

Kim Mailhot

having the gift of someone who never lets go is truly a treasure, beautiful rebecca. I am grateful you had your Daddy.

love to you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

What a beautiful photo and I adore the whole concept of Dear Photograph. I'm checking it out.

Sharon furner

When I view your postings I am filled with energy and possibilities. Such a wonderful pick up to start the morning. Just like the plaster class sent your mind and busy hands scurrying to create, your plaster interpretations inspire me. It is a beautiful interlacing of spirit..
Your tribute to Stephanie and Judy is very touching, it will make them so happy and open doors to others. Smiles, Sharon.

miss pie

hi rebecca... thanks for coming by and commenting so glad you did.... wonderful memories to recall on so calif beaches yes, yes, yes.... "... i'll never let go.." xoxoxoxo... miss pie

 encore...please of please

Dear Photograph,

I love you and all your memories



Leslie M

This is the sweetest thing!



I love that site!! It doesn't surprise me that you are familiar with it as well.

and that photo, your words... oh . how blessed you were/are.

I hope my babies will say the same always.

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