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June 22, 2011


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Kim andersen

How very moving ... And so much has been said in a simple story of much more than sharing a meal. Hugs, Kimmie


Beautiful Rebecca, the way you use this one simple moment to sum up your love. x

Sue Fox

Your words are deep, I feel the intensity. Your moments of sharing remind me of a time when my love and I ate from a shared plate in public, it so touched an old man, he commented so.

Love to you,

Sue x


There is a romance in sharing a meal grown in one's own garden. Much magic comes of sharing and growing. You have captured it so gracefully and completely.


beautiful prose , as always. what a blessing you are to each other.

xo, my love.


Missed you,been away too long.
but as always
I remember your heart


Such forceful and beautiful writing, so filled with rich contrasts and quiet juxtaposition. The "bed" of dry stacked stones,countered by the green sweep of chard begins it all and every image thereafter is either organic or stagnant, stone white, scratch light inpenetrable/ or green, pungent, garlicky and abundant/flourishing. Such intimacy of sharing and deep, full, heartfelt soul-embracing, desperately hopeful love. May there always be one very full plate to pass between you. May you always have LOVE.
All of Mine for both of you,


Sharing food, sharing moments, sharing life. I understand this more than you may realize, then again, maybe you do as you know me.

Peace, Love and Hugs

Ms. Moon

"when we want desperately for the other to have the

last savory bite of fulfillment"

That caught my heart like vinegar catches the tongue.


Lush and soothing words!


what a beautiful love shared, grown together, rooted in that moment...smiles. love it!

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