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June 28, 2011


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Oh my goodness that's wonderful. Yes I think I will go to my Mexican store and look for the flowers. Excellent. As I was sitting here, I saw the vibrant reds and then it dawned on me that I had strawberries on the stove for jam and had forgotten about them. Thanks, you saved them.:)) Oh I haven't done Ruby Tuesday for a while, maybe I'll do my strawberries if I have time. Great post and beautiful photos as always. Have a great day.


Those flowers produce such a beautiful shade of ruby red! Love your shots too; they are very artsy - could be in a food and bev mag! Enjoy the day.


Ooooh, hibiscus ice tea in the garden with you and Steph sounds dreamy.

deb taylor

oh my God...we drink this nectar every day...agave,fresh lime juice, maybe some fresh torn basil leaves too! This is a gorgeous post...thank you for something so delicious...and Stephs photos are gorgeous! We also make Happy Belly Tea during Antique Festival and it is our concoction of Hibiscus Tea and lemonade!! Oh yes.....sweet, happy bellies!

Fran aka redondowriter

Such a wonderful and magical brew. I feel like I'm there with you instead of overcast wa. But it is beautiful and my sis is fine.

Ms. Moon

Oh my. Oh yes. I must.

Maria @ LSS

Sounds and smells delicious. I've never tried drinking flowers but I'd love to try. Thanks for the recipe.

Happy RT!

Mine's here.


Mmmm I am getting on a plane now! This is an amazing drink. I love the ritual of making it and that colour! I wonder where on earth I would get hibiscus flowers but still I can dream! Thank you for inviting me Rebecca!

Kim A.

I am happy to say that even way up here near the Canadian border, we have Mexican stores too! I will ask about hibiscus flowers - I love red zinger tea, which has hibiscus in it. I love the tang of it :)

Thank you for sharing! Kimmie


This sounds wonderful. I also use the Agave nectar in my strawberry,lime and basil smoothies. Will look for dried hibiscus flowers and try your garden ritual perhaps on a moonlit evening as it is too HOT during the day.


what a lovely and delightful tea post...thank you for taking us along barefoot in the grass even :)

Happy Days to you


That sounds delicious and looks amazing! I love visiting Kimmie for tea on Tuesdays and will do so here as well!


Hi Rebecca, thank you for your friendly visit! Ooohhh, I love the look of your delicious tea!! So refreshing and delightful! Makes me feel happy! I hope you enjoyed every sip of it! Love Wini xo


wow, that looks amazing! cin-cin :)

Stephanie WAS dreamy!

Thank you Rebecca for your huge and generous heart!! I look forward to brewing up a batch and bringing back the sweetness of our visit!!!



Agua de Jamaica! that and homemade Horchata are my summer favorite drinks. Barely again among the living I could use some right now to chase the remnants of this darn migraine away. We are back and my new laptop is sort of behaving, but I am going back to bed now.

Much love as always.


I love hibiscus is one of my son's favorites also. Not only does it taste wonderful...I love agave syrup in looks so beautiful! I admit I use commercial preparations and had no idea I could make tea from actual dried hibiscus....where would one get the good stuff?

Dawn Elliott

I've long believed that you make the best jamaica on the planet! Your loving rendition now makes it possible for others to share in this true joy. I absolutely adore your beautiful post today, honoring the sacred and reverent hibiscus.

Ms. Becky

this is a delicious post. in many ways. the color is divine. thanks for sharing your joy, it has lifted me up this morning.

Kim Mailhot

Oh, what a beautiful ritual and result. The slowness of it, the garden strolls in between, the light filtering through that garnet color...magic. If only the flowery treasures were more abundant here so far north from you. Thank you for the visual joy, Beautiful One !


ahhhh, the JOY

and more JOY posted of you...


I never drank flowers... (or does tea count?) but it looks beautiful and delicious! What a JOY I find here today!


Wonderful colors and looks so cooling. Thank you!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I have a bag of hibiscus flowers for tea, but didn't know how to make it so I'm not only joyful, I'm grateful!


Yummy Rebecca!!!!


Magical Mystical Teacher

I bought some this morning at the mercado in Zacatecas! :-)


This looks great rebecca. When I am home, I will try it. You make it sound like an art as much as a cool summer drink. Lovely.


I haven't stopped in for a while, and this post is lovely in so many ways. Oh, the colour! Thank you Rebecca.


Garnet hibiscus herbal tea with blue agave nectar! Sipping it in the ladybug garden! The poetry of preparing food as in Like Water for Chocolate. JOYful bliss, Rebecca!


Oh wow! The pistil sticking above the edge of the glass is a lovely detail. I have to google agave nectar. It's new to me; sounds interestingly sweet :) Thanks Rebecca for sharing this post. It's beautiful!

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