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June 06, 2011


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Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks for reminding me, Rebecca. I've got a sinus thing going on and I'm uncomfortable. I still can't comment or bid for some reason, but I'll see if I can figure it out. This is a gorgeous piece as are all of them in the auction. I am particularly drawn to Mary, as you know, and fond of Dia de los Muertos objects.

noelle clearwater

This is so incredibly beautiful, such a moment of grace and honoring for Mary, for your grandmother, for all women who are mothers of children, and for the Children of Oaxaca who so dearly need our love and care. Even the story of how you found it is miraculous. Such a gift you have bestowed here. How fortunate the person who purchases this beautiful piece in the auction and gives so much more to benefit Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots.
Blessings and Light,

Karen Gerstenberger

That is so beautiful! Mary is so precious to me, and I love this depiction of her. She glows, along with the pearl, the silver and gold. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!

Mama Zen

How beautiful!


This is so beautiful! And I realized I forgot to put the link on the badge, so I will do that asap. I'll be back today to admire all the beautiful artwork. xo Pam

Margaret Pangert

Hi Rebecca~ Internet Explorer is now working--thank you. I registered, but when I log in I get:
Your registration process is not yet complete! Please check again your email for further instructions that have just been resent. If you don't find the email, check your spam-box. Make sure that your email account options are not set to immediately delete spam. If that was the case, just try logging in again to receive a new instructions email. (I've retried but did not receive the email.)
I want in the worst way to win your exquisite pearl Mary tray/box. If I win, I'm shipping it back to you because I cannot let you give this up. You are so generous, Rebecca, but "a thing of beauty is a joy forever." Heart-love, Margaret

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