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June 11, 2011


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LOVE LOVE LOVE these prayer flags Rebecca! I am reaching toward that sky with a prayer that the bids for the shrines will be sky high for these beautiful children, for we all live under one common BLUE roof don't we? Holding the Auction and you in the Light my friend.

Kim Mailhot

Love and light and sweet joyful energy as the roof raising comes to fruition.
Happy Sunday, Sweet One !

Janet Ghio

Those flags are so beautiful--the colors-love them!


My prayers, full of bright hopes, are in the wind too. Rebecca we are connected. Yesterday my good thoughts of you were sent on the breeze.Today I come here and find this. Not the first synchronicity I've found here.
BTW...editing my map so I can find my way to you and perhaps a cuppa Java love in the future.


such beautiful prayer flags...

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