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June 05, 2011


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These images speak straight to my heart.


And they are all so very deserving of love and praise. I am not one of them, but my heart and my support are with all of you. Beautiful images and words of tenderness and generosity, rebecca.

Dawn Elliott

...and here we go! The submissions are extraordinary this year! It's so exciting that it's finally time to launch the auction and get this party going!


Love your photos Rebecca!!! I hope the auction goes really well!!! You have such a warm heart.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Your gratitude will open many more doors...


Thank you Rebecca for hosting this wonderful event. We are blessed to be a part of it. You inspire goodness.

Karen Gerstenberger

Your creativity, and energy for doing good for others never cease to amaze me. God bless you!

Molokai Girl Paula Scott

Rebecca, you inspire us all to go beyond what we think we are capable of!
A wonderful gift to have.
I've been posting it everywhere I can think of!

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