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June 26, 2011


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You have been missed. Beautiful images of San Miguel and lovely memories of friendships forged and deepened there. You must have had so much to talk and laugh about this weekend and laughter is so healing for the heart and soul. I am glad that you were surrounded by loving friends this weekend.


Just beautiful. Steph and her hubby look very happy. I was going to give you a link that I thought you'd be interested in, but I think you've found it. It's an absolute joy going here to see all work Lori is doing with the bits and pieces from Katrina. I think you'll like it very much.


I linked Elizabeth's blog because she went to the Ojai lavender festival and she has beautiful pictures. Ojai is right next door to me! I will tell her.


Plaster is my Paradise
this week~end...


{{ and i think
you might
understand why...
lets see
those plaster photos, missy! }}

deb taylor

oh how I am envious of this weekends laughter, hugs and memories relived, creating new ones with Mr G and Lovely Stephanie. I love y'all. Sip one or two for me!


beautiful! And thanks for linking me --


Friendship feeds the soul. Enjoy your company..I know they are enjoying time with you.

Ms. Moon

Well, I always find paradise here, you know. Or at least some mighty fine pictures of it and some very tasty descriptions...
My paradise this week has been found in my grandboy's laugh, his eyes, his arms around my neck. Also, my garden and a bowl slowly filling with the beans my love and I have shelled.
And oh yes, HIS arms around me too. I am so lucky.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, hope your weekend has been wonderful. How I love all your photos and how I long one day to go with you on your Mexico trip. I want to start working on some Day of the Dead art. Any tutorials you can recommend?

Sue Fox

How wonderful to share special moments with friends, this all looks out of this world!

You take us to such beautiful places visually and spiritually!

Loving you Sue x

Magical Mystical Teacher

"bliss is the air you breathe together"


(What more can I say?)

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