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June 12, 2011


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I remember this wonderful post and it moves my heart in ways that I cannot describe to this day. Those who have nothing always welcome and offer succor and rest to anyone in need. They offer what little and the best of what they have to the stranger.They know what it is to live in community. We must learn from them to do the same. Thank you for this beautiful and insightful reminder, filled with so much love, hope and gratitude.
Love to you always,

Magical Mystical Teacher

One bowl, many hands—
come, child, the feast is waiting—
there are no strangers.


A magical feast stays in the heart forever. Yours is heart with so many wonderous rooms. I love your post, they fill my heart, too.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

My postcard today is much more mundane -- but interesting, I hope.


this is indeed, a postcard from paradise.


It is like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. For some reason there is always enough beans and tortillas for everyone.

Sue fox

I'm happy to back in this
"great circle of love",
Sue x


i love this



I got a little choked up, very touching.


You tell this story of generosity and sharing so very beautifully. Sometimes it is a very special gift to receive from those that want to give. Giving yourself a gift, by giving of yourself, from the heart.



What a beautiful postcard. Beautifully woven together words of love about the power of sharing.

How do I find out the address to send Sirena?


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