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June 20, 2011


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deb @ talk at the table

scrolled down to see the author.
oh my, Rebecca. wow.

Ms. Moon

I just turned on the sprinkler in my fern bed and the birds are already dancing in the spray.

Sue fox

Bitter sweet indeed, this tangled-up life how do we the sensitive ones embrace the all of it?

Sue x


Such stunning poetry, Rebecca, moving, so beautiful...changes my day when I read it, xoO

Fran aka Redondowriter

The photo grabbed me first--a riot of summer color reminiscent of Mexico, the country you love so much. Then I read the words and my hurt sunk toward the end. But, all of us must be aware of the constant tension of life and death, of the dark mixed with the light. You are such a gifted poet and writer.


"but there's no escaping dark feathers on the floor of dawn,"

it is a tangle, isn't it? yet out of the darkness, this beauty. i know some days that doesn't help - that i would gladly trade all the deep soul-knowingness for a healthy body. but i guess that isn't my/our choice. and i love your soul-dancing in the midst of it all...


I love you. Your writing blows me away. There is harmony both light and dark. I don't understand. However I trust, that all is as it should be. Else how can we change it?


That's what makes the world go round isn't...this dance between life and death.

Your writing makes even the dark...sweet.


This is beautiful writing Rebecca!!!

Miss Robyn

you. are an inspiration to me. truly. xo

Alegria Imperial

Lovely flow of beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing your poetry, Rebecca!


you capture well the beauty and tragedy that is often life...poor little cat is just as hungry...

Jenne' R. Andrews

Terrific poem-- you have a lyrical, uniquely beautiful voice. xxxj


The end finds me contemplating complex, mixed emotions. Fine poetry. "and this cat, once sleeping in my arms soft as clouds, now licking his sharp fence of honey stained teeth" That part made me go aww :)

Patrick Hatt

Dark or light we just push on, bittersweet for sure. Nice one!

imperfect prose

just keep singing in a crush of happiness

my heart sang with this post. gorgeous, friend, gorgeous.

Laura Hegfield

"as they stack their happiness in visceral layers all the way to that last morning star" beautiful.

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