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June 26, 2011


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Amazingly observed and reflected back to us.
A magic mix of emotion and an acute rendering of this part of everyone's life.

Magical Mystical Teacher

You have written ten thousand hearts, Rebecca, in these words of loss and longing.


i have no words for this. you have said them all...


Somehow, in reading this, I am reminded of the journey of Mary, whom you love so much, a woman who bore a son, knowing that he was to die, knowing from the moment he lay in her arms that he would be laid there again, not wrapped in blankets but in a shroud at the tender age of 33. Such a great love and a deep and compassionate understanding of letting go, of knowing somehow that He never really belonged to her in the first place, but to the world and to a greater peace. And he, knowing this, offered his mother to one he trusted most, his friend John. "Mother, behold thy son. Son, behold thy mother." Your friend Koko knows that peace of belonging now. My dear the sudden death of a friend often reminds us of our own mortality. This I know. Be assured, rebecca my dear friend, there will always be enough Love, enough Compassion and enough Hope to face the unexpected.
All My Love,


Hello Lovely,
Goodbyes are such sweet sorrow. I could cry a river.

About Steph. At least the thread of the computer internet is alive with your souls touching maybe even magically today!

Thinking of you!




Ms. Moon

This was so beautiful, rebecca. I swear- we spend half our lives gathering to us and half letting loose of what we have gathered. The hardest, of course, being the ones we love.
No, there is no practice which makes perfect in this. And in fact, every loss brings back each one, as fresh and sharp as it ever was.
At least, I have found this to be true in my life.
I hope to see that stained glass. The glass stained with the soul of your love, released by that reluctant heart.

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