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June 21, 2011


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yay! I am the first!! to wish you a happy 3rd weaver of fantastic tales...

we hang on your every word and thank your handsome husband for sharing you with us!!

deb taylor

YES! YES! YES~ I applaud you and the man behind you for entertaining us here, inspiring us all and opening generous hearts. I adore you both and want nothing but the best for you, individually and together! xoxoxo


i love this. and you. happy blog anniversary, dear rebecca... (as i sit tap tap tapping my soul out along with you...)


I admire your talent for stringing the words together, for saying what is in your heart boldly...yet hiding the meaning behind a veil of imagery. Congrats on your anniversary!
I wish it were possible for me to go to San Migual Allenda...what fun that would be!!!
The Father's Day post was beautiful. And the story of the cat's cat ate one of his bunny friends the other day...


*grin* This post has me laughing, Rebecca. Your husband certainly may miss you on those early mornings when he wakes and finds that you are gone into the virtual world or when he roll his eyes (like mine does) when you (like me) says, Just one more photo! I'm glad that your husband (like my husband) sees how much joy this virtual world brings to you, how these online connections can become real friendships.

Happy blogiversary, Rebecca! I'm so glad that we met one another here...and hopefully we'll meet in person one day.

Ms. Moon

Happy, happy blogoversy and yes, my husband is patient too, and thanks me, even, for making record of this life of ours here with our family, our grandson. He learns more about me from my blog than he does from my words to him, sometimes. And he knows that I MUST HAVE IT, just as he must have certain things and I am tolerant of them (oh, how I have learned to cook venison!) and it is all good.
Bless you, baby. Bless you, Rebecca for your words, your pictures, your unpinning of your soul into this place.
More, more, more! she cried.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I so love you -- and Billy's forbearance.

lyle baxter

you are a woman possessed! what a delightful post! love the pictures and the explanation of your affliction! strange you should be using all of those grand D.O.D. characters on the day I am completing my first ofreda. were you sending out strange thought waves! happy blogday to you and your sweetie!


Happy Blogiversary, Rebecca! Let the fun continue!!

lyle baxter

p.s.should have mentioned that this Ofrenda is portable! made in a large cigar box which could have additions in the furure! when it is complete I'll send you a photo or 2! lyle


Oh, my gosh -- I LOVE THIS! I am so glad to be carrying on this affair with you as well. Thank your husband for his tolerance of our love. :)


Oh Rebecca, what a colorful and beautiful post to brighten anyone's day. I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GRAND POST. ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD!! How the years just melt on by when you are having so much fun. What are we supposed to do?, stop having fun to make the days/years last longer? I don't think so. This is my month too and it's 4 years for me, and I'm very happy I started blogging. I know what you mean about making time for everything else. Tee Hee. CONGRATULATIONS REBECCA, so glad I found your blog through Stephanie's. You have brightened my world with your beautiful words and pictures.

Sue fox

'Oh my Blogg' fantastic, celebrations all round, summer solstice and a seasoned love affair turning three.

I'm bewitched too,

Love Sue x



'''i would rather be caught with my panties down
than go anywhere without


THANK goddess YOU wrote that
and not me...

was Thinking it...}}

**Happy Blog*iversary
Many More, missy!**

Fran aka Redondowriter

Happy blog*iversary, Rebecca. Ah, what a sexy couple you two are, or should I say you three? Did you draw all those images and paint them. I have serious Rebecca envy!


Happy Blog*iversary, Rebecca! I too admire your post, the art and the words that dance across my screen. Love to you and to your incredible husband! xoO


Oh Good Heavens Rebecca. I am so glad that I did not miss this incredible event. Happy Happy Blogoversary My Dear Friend. Goodness you had me laughing and smiling in complete understanding of this passionate and ever-satisfying obssession of yours. I am so thankful that you rose from the blue couch of mediocrity and jumped into the bright flames of technology. You are a wonder and all of us appreciate you and love you more than words can express. Thank your dear husband, Billy for his generosity in "leaving the light on."


Happy, happy, happy aniversary Rebecca!!! And what a lovely date to celebrate!


Rebbeca, you are a real hoot!! I love you, you weaver of words, and love the pictures that accompany them.

I will be posting my Dia De Los Muertos "munecas" next week, late next week, since I'll need time to recoup after having said family members under the same roof for 5 days...oey vey!!

Happy blogging and keep it up...thank you, dear hubby for being so understanding and patient!!!!!!!



Congratulations and many more you are a most beloved Bloggerista.


Wonderful! I've only been around recuerda mi corazon for a little over one year, but it has been a fantastic year. I am so honored that I got to be one of the people that has met you and your husband. It may be your blog, but I got both in the exchange. Can't wait for the next visit. Who knows, maybe September.
In the meantime, congratulations. (By the way, I don't think you're that possessed!) LOVE the Talking Heads!



happy blogiversary, rebecca! so glad you ARE here...and your husband and mine should talk ;)
sending sunshine

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