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June 30, 2011


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Gloria Y

Buzzing into the heart of summer, this little ritual has become my new way to 'come home'.


On Friday mornings, I wake up with that 'special feeling' - Haiku day! I can't believe this feeling grew so fast, and I enjoy it every time... haiku Friday has become part of my life. Thanks again, dear Rebecca!

Magical Mystical Teacher

My fingers are stained
from picking haiku flowers
from dawn until dusk.


You are a flower in my heart Rebecca. Beautiful photo, nature doing its work. I look forward to Fridays too. Visiting friends, seeing fabulous photos and reading personal feelings, whimsical, romantic, heart warming, thought provoking and peaceful haiku. You are the flower, we are the bees.



Happy little bee doing important nature things keeping us happy.

Beautiful, beautiful. Go little bee, go!


i love it! (and i was thinking along the same lines, this morning...)

deb taylor

Friday Haiku Love
Short words, huge hearts, our stories.
Rebecca is Queen

Kim Mailhot

What a beautiful invitation ! From my beautiful heart to yours, Love and Light, Sweet Rebecca !
Happy Friday !


Love your haikus Rebecca! I apologise for not being more uplifting with mine! xo

William Charlebois

Such a wonderful picture! Your haiku makes it even more meaningful - pollen, a source of life.

Dawn Elliott

What an amazing photo! It's always a treat to read, then ruminate about your haiku on our special Fridays together. Thank you for the weekly opportunity!


will back for tea and a visit later...pulled off a quick haiku before jumping on my bike!!


i don't have a post but wanted to stop by and say hello...your bee & poem are so perfect! i am enjoying all the pollen gives us...hoping you are well, and that you are savoring the season


I really like this I find it almost enchanting to watch the bees collecting pollen and you captured it so well here in picture and in words!


oh my goodness, this bee, rebecca!! and your haiku!



Noelle Clearwater

so stunning, these red branches tinged with gold dust. You are passionate about red this summer. I love that. Such beauty here and such a tender capture. I am glad for the weekend and grateful for this Friday gathering as well, to be included among good friends with you. I have reposted from Aug. 2010. I made it bigger and brighter and so there are no comments. You will remember it but for some reason I was feeling nostalgic about it last night, such a lovely image and one of my earliest from a photographer friend in Germany.

Have a wonderful 4th my dear.
All My Love,


I love Fridays too. Always so luscious and awe inspiring. Thank you for being the one who brightens our world.


Your haiku tonight is the most beautiful I've read... ever...
It's good to be back again...


What a sensual photo and haiku; those bees are a dream.


Dear Rebecca~
You have the voice of a true poet! Every line evokes the sensual, palpitating summer. Juicy, rich...



wow, that's great, r.


Miss Robyn

i just love you ~ xoxo
[don't you love how bees snuggle into flowers.. like they cannot get enough ??]

Fran aka Redondowriter

Beautiful photo, words and haiku, as always. I am late to the party today which I explain in my post. I'm going to go leave all of you some comments.


I love to come to your site for the words, for the pictures, for the feelings I get of connectedness and love and groundedness and peace. Thank you, precious Rebecca, xoO


The colors of summer and the busy active bee are stunning!! Your woven words are like embellishments around the delicate silky smooth fabric.
Hugs and good wishes!!


Never been a part of this before so i don't know if there are any rules, but I love your haiku.

Gemma Wiseman

"Summer stained fingers" - romantic freshness in these words! Delightful haiku!


very beautiful & tranquil

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