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June 09, 2011


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This is such a delightful post, and such an excellent project too. I wish everyone well with it.
Take care.

Best wishes from Boonie and Mrs S


Dear Sweet Rebecca,
It is late and I am almost too tired to say anything intelligible, but know that I love you, I am here for you, we will raise that roof and we will all do it together. I will comment again tomorrow.
All My Love,
Noelle (past midnight oh my!)


I am hoping and wishing and sending prayers to you for the gallery of hope project - So much excitement!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I can see those sequins shimmering...but more than that, the eyes!

Kim Mailhot

So many beautiful hearts involved in this project, Rebecca. Brava for bringing them all together with your light.
Love you !


what a perfect haiku to illuminate your project.


Gorgeous photo and haiku Rebecca! And a wonderful project, indeed.


Such tender words for a wonderful picture! Wishing you a grand day!


I haven't been able to think of what to write lately, but seeing your post here, I'm inspired.Lovely picture and lovely haiku.

deb taylor

I am here with you. Holding. Hopeful.

Dawn Elliott

Your incredible picture and haiku make my heart race with their beauty and benevolence!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Dear Rebecca,

As I've made the journey from blog to blog this morning, I am filled with gratitude for you, the gentle hostess of Haiku My Heart. It is you who have brought us all together word by word, image by image, heart by heart.

O thank you!


Rebecca, your photo and words are wonderful! Looking at her happy face and lovely dress warmed my heart! I hope all goes splendidly with Oaxaca. xo


You're such a BRILLIANT and Sequined Haiku Maestra!
I bow down before your words humbly!



Am putting in another haiku in my post at mygardenhaven...this haiku thing is becoming addictive!(in a good way!)

Jill K. Berry

Yesterday my server was down, sorry to be late.
I am happy to be your friend, happy to be here with all of you.

Margaret Pangert

Beautiful! That dress, and that face revealing a still brighter heart! Joy!

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