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June 23, 2011


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Uma Gowrishankar

Dear Rebecca, congratulations on one year of writing and collecting beautiful haikus.

Noelle Clearwater

Hi Rebecca,
I wrote a wonderful comment but it wouldn't take. I love your well-baked haikus and I am so glad to have been a part of this family that you have created for the past year. You are the heart of this community and you are so very loved by all of us. It is your warmth, your energy and your dynamic creativity that have kept us all together. Thank you my friend.

Dawn Elliott

What a wonderful adventure you embarked on a year ago - something that has touched so many of our hearts as we discovered and fell in love with your precious site. Thank you and congratulations!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll be thinking of you. Look forward to hearing how your trip went. Love the fortune cookies, virtual or otherwise.


Happy anniversary Rebecca! How lovely this group is... Love your beautiful haikus. =)


I will be posting my haiku later today, but I want to congratulate you with one year haikus!!! I hope to be with you the next year! Enjoy your days off Rebecca!


Thank you so very much for bringing this into our lives and allowing us to share with others. The friendships built here through words are such a wonderful gift. Your inspiration and encouragement has helped us grow and flourish. Happiest of anniversaries to a peaceful soul.


Sue Fox

How 'fortunate' I am to have taken a bite of this 'haiku cookie' delicious, I keep coming back for more!


Sue x


congratulations on one year of haiku bounty - all because of you. i love your haikus, especially the phrases "wise humble haiku" and "grace is letting go."


One year!!! you have indeed created a circle that cannot be broken...

I tried once, fairly unsuccessfully to make fortune cookies, will look at this tutorial.


Kim Mailhot

Beautiful Rebecca, Thank you for providing such a sweet place for loving hearts to gather and share. Your energy and spirit have drawn us in and kept this connection a-flowing. I am grateful to be a part for something so beautiful.
Much Love !

Magical Mystical Teacher

Dear Rebecca and Everyone!

I am in Zacatecas, Mexico with a very poor Internet connection, so please forgive me if I do not visit your beautiful offerings this week.

My blessings to all the Workers with Small Words!



Thank you for my virtual fortune cookie!


am over here
~~bonsai pruning~~
to beat the band...


clipping off
unneeded garage detritus
Left & Right

{{ hoping you have
a Wonderful Week*end
with who*ever happens
to pop into your life...
like an Owl
i am saying--->
who who who could it be? }}


Clever, fun, wise words.

Molokai Girl Paula Scott

Good fortune and a good trip to you!
Feeling a bit envious of MMT....but I hope you have a wonderful time wherever and whatever it is that you are up to (and I hope rest is in that equation!).



hmmm, i thought i had written and posted yesterday? strange happenings in virtual world. Lovely post and I am so HAPPY that you began this journey of haiku for all to share. You are loved!


Haiku in my heart
was hidden
until I arrived here
and decided to play.
xx Love you!


Another lovely post! Thanks.
And thanks too for organising this delightful festival of haiku.
Take care.

Very best wishes from Boonie

Gloria Y

loving haiku host
minimum for maximum
we celebrate you!

congratulations and thank you...this is an oasis of more than i can name

Ramesh Sood

Happy Year gone by,
Smiling Haikus march on,
So many to follow..

So many to follow
Yes, joy will find us always
We're a family

We're a family
Led by Rebecca with love
let's stay haiku-ed...

Thanks Rebecca..for HMH.. a rare gift.. for writing Haikus and expressing myself has kept me going is some very difficult phase.. and good thing about time is that it goes on.. well.. and where also to find such lovely group of discerning people... people who consider spreading joy their first relgion.. May happiness continue to touch you constantly like a soothing breeze.. God bless..


Bite size perfection~
Love it~


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