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June 17, 2011


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I've been up for an eternity, awaiting your Haiku. It did not disappoint. I love the idea of the summer stains on my hands. "Skimming down to my barest syllables" means I'm wearing shorts. I love you and your way of capturing the moment.

Peace, Love and Hugs


It's not much of 'Summer weather' in Holland these days - cold and grey and rainy... so I made a happy art journal page of a bright summer memory, and wrote a haiku with it too! It really fits your mood Rebecca! Happy weekend and happy 'haiku-hopping' to everyone!


Early rich in color and bird song in my neighborhood.

summer solstice on the way


"Ancient rituals of love and ruin" and "earth is crammed with heaven" could both be titles for books of of poetry or fascinating novels for a summer read. I love your sunflower and I love being part of this ritual each week with you. Thank you for offering us this summer room in which to take off our shoes and be who we are...


How I love to bathe in the sunshine here... letting your words wash over me, shifting my focus outward as I move inward... XO


"Earth is crammed with Heaven" I will hold in my heart this day! thank you!

Dawn Elliott

Your precious sunflowers are ever so captivating! They encompass all that summer is...vibrant, healthy, full of beauty, color, vigor, and joy. I love your haikus, which say so much more than the written words. It's always a joy to ponder your work. I intend to 'romance simplicity' today! Happy Friday!

Sue fox

Your sweet nectar always fills and sustains my heart!

Love Sue x

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, have you published any of your writing? You have such a beautiful, poetic and unusual writing style. Each time I read the words around your images I am breathless with their beauty.

deb taylor

I am with Fran....your writings are unique, strong, beautiful, sexy, quizzical...JUST LIKE YOU!!


What a beauty.


I Missed this you this week : ) I hope to participate next week. . . . hope everyone has a WONderfilled week : )


Haven't participated in a while, but am glad to be back! xoxo


this makes me Bee happy


{{ hope to haiku Next Week, missy,
if the florida wild fires
don't run me off }}

Magical Mystical Teacher

"Wash your hands!"

"No, thank you. I prefer the summer stains on my fingers."

Gloria Y

I passed out sunflowers to residents who came out to organize a neighborhood watch group despite their fear of reprisal from local thugs...the blast-furnace heat in this San Leandro neighborhood takes me back to childhood summers in DC. The children now beg their mamas for blankets and sheet to build forts with the playground equipment (just as we did way back when) and get out of the heat while they play. There is still magic in this wild, unruly place! Thank you for holding the place that reminds me that "...still I rise." like those sunflowers


what loveiness - and beauty -

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