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June 03, 2011


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Kim Mailhot

Good Morning, Beautiful !
How happy I am to know that you experienced such a wonderful circle of love! May the glow linger long...
Love to you !


I picture you sitting in the first rays of sunshine... I experienced something like that just the other days - saw the dawn at 4.30 and heared the first birds come to live... I'm glad you had a perfect evening and a perfect morning. Have a perfect day too!


So nice to have early bird friends with golden hearts and open eyes. My evening was also early as my poor body just needed some sleep, but the concert this morning inspired an early morning roam around a lovely Middle Earth lake and heart opening songs from all manner of winged creatures.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Good morning, Sunshine!


what a beautiful way to wake up - to your lovely haiku and photos. GORGEOUS!


Good Morning! Beautiful!

Gloria Y

So wonderful to come 'home' to after a week of loss, violence, fear and non-violent (but powerful!) response. Very rough neighborhood I work in is turning inside-out now, but we're learning to reach out to one another for courage, healing activity and hope. This week's Recuerda captures our hope perfectly and helps me to remember what I keep going back...Thank you all my peeps at Recuerda Mi Corazon. Thank you Rebecca for helping us gather and regather :)

deb taylor

oh to walk again in this garden of love...every Friday! Picking beautiful blooms to brighten our day! Stunning photos and haiku Rebecca!


We are all poppies standing true. How delightful! I love poppies. Thank you Rebecca. I am happy I have a place to go on Fridays.


Just back in town and had to come visit my garden of friends...

beautiful bright light here!

Margaret Pangert

Rebecca~ You are such an incredible poetess! Your poppy imagery of "passion flames" and "possibilities light up like earth candles" is so vivid and evocative. What wonderful neighbors you have and the Underwoods have in you! I'm praying for the success of the auction... I know it will be. Hugs!


What beautiful bursts of color in these photos and your vivid words!


Thank you Rebecca for opening the gate to this friendship garden every week.
So lovely and sweet.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I love your poppy photos and your haiku and applaud you for awakening before dawn--something I believe is beneficial to people on the spiritual path. But--I am not an early riser by nature. I can easily do it if I have to, but my bio-self in a perfect Fran world would arise at 8 and stay up until about 1 a.m.

You and your neighbors and dear friends are part of your community and support system, it sounds like. How blessed the three of you are. I hope to post soon, but had a busy day and week.

Eaton Bennett

The Haiku is delightful...perfect for those lovely photos. The top photo is stunning! :))


Holy blooms, Batman!
What great shots.

Songs of life, and songs of...fresh fruit.



Beautiful, bright red, vermillion and rose flames of color. It is almost too rich for words, too much of a gift for the eye to believe that such splendor, such lushness exists in the world. Your Haiku is a spring offering, a votive prayer for the auction to come which I know will be a true success. I am very happy that you had a wonderful evening last night and that your day went well. I have a special image from Australia for you.


Rebecca, this is wonderful! Poppies are such a beloved flower with their upturned, happy faces, great job!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I am on fire just reading these lines!

Dawn Elliott

Oriental poppies are another favorite flower of mine...scarlet fire searing our eyes and our souls! Beautiful haiku...captivating words...


Gorgeous poppies-I love them!

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