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May 25, 2011


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So much beauty, Rebecca. Yes, I can feel your joy in making a difference. This is a beautiful and joy-filled post. I have read it twice but I will read it again. I love the artwork. Peace, xoO


I'm speechless! Wonderful post! Thank you!

deb taylor

yes, OH YEA, I am feeling the LOVE. Big LOVE in so many small glimpses. Thank you for this display of what's to come just around the corner! Finally, the outpouring of love will come flooding next week!!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

What astonishing gestures of compassion, hope and joy you've shown us. The vastness of your heart in organizing the auction touches me, as does the creativity of each and every one of the artists.

Dawn Elliott

How beautifully you showcased everyone's artwork with your kind words and anticipation of this love-infused event! Thank you again for the opportunity to take part in this with so many dear hearts.


Wow. I just can't wait to see these shrines in all their beauty. I can't wait!




The artwork just knocks me over! So much beauty and love!

Noelle Clearwater

Rebecca dear,
This is a gallery of love, compassion and soulsong. It's beauty emanates far and wide. With your skilled, artists hands, you have created a poetic masterpiece, so that the pneuma of these generous women and yourself blend together in a fine smoky mist flowing heavenward. Spelled out in Letters Bold upon that celestial wind are the words: Remember the Children of Oaxaca.
Their Joy will be complete when others give from the heart to such a worthy cause ~ the opportunity for a child to have an education. A beautiful, Joyful post from a beautiful heart.



Words and images are so beautiful, so moving. I'm gettng closer and closer to my own shrine creating moment. I'm so grateful for the constant inspiration I find here.

Noelle Clearwater

I will try to post this on my Posterous site tonight for you.

Magical Mystical Teacher

After a particularly exhausting and disappointing day (even though it is teacher check-out day!), I needed some joy--and I found it here. Thank you!

Eryl Shields


Fran aka Redondowriter

Unbelievably rich post, Rebecca. How I wish I could take one of your classes some day.

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