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May 15, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

Your photos are awesome...capturing the total joy of the bees as they lite on your brilliant sunflowers...their quintessential paradise! Have a stellar Sunday!

Mama Zen



rebecca dear,
Sunflowers were my mother's favorite flower. You have captured the essence of them here and a very private moment of bright bee and sunflower honeylove. It is entirely beautiful. I know that there are many paintings from Mexico filled with Sunflowers as they are everywhere there. They are a gift from God and so are you. Thank you for putting my name in for Fergus's post. I just saw that.
Much Love,


What beautiful photos and such heartwarming words. I love Sunflowers. I would love to be able to take such beautiful photos. Congrats to you Rebecca and may your Sunday and coming week be filled with happiness and joy.


You caught the light here. Love the macro shot of it shining under the leaves. Gorgeous flowers. Wow! And those bees. Wonderful. <3


So, so pretty. Gosh, is it that time of the week again? I'll have to look around for a postcard contribution. Looks like I missed the weekly haiku too. Well, the good news is - I finally started painting my kitchen.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Sometimes we ARE the light -- no, not just sometimes. . . we ARE the light.


Okay Rebecca. I'll try it once, just for you. I'm not a poetic writer so to speak but I can give it a stab this "one" time.:)) I will go back to my blog and post my Postcards From Paradise. Let's just say I'll try.:) Have a great week. I'll come back and do the linky stuff.

Sue fox

You buzzed right in with the breeze you beautiful gorgeous creature, you captured my heart!

Sue x


you illuminate such beauty here on your site. grazie!


thank you for catching it in your cupped hands and sharing it with us... i am sharing my sunset with you all.


I love the way the centre of a sunflower is constructed. x


Yes, I agree with sperlygirl, you illuminate such beautiful light here on your site.
Finally, I do have a postcard. Because yesterday, the crawfish boil WAS a postcard.
Will linkie back to you here.

Karen Gerstenberger

This is so lovely. It reminds me of Erin Potts, Mary's beautiful daughter. They planted sunflowers in her memory. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!
Blessings to you!


Dear Rebecca,
Karen kindly brought my attention to this lovely post. I've not visited here in a while, and look what I've missed! These photographs are stunning.
The sunflower is a symbol of hope for sarcoma patients, and we have planted them in memory of Erin (see we gave seeds to all of last year's memorial blood drive participants so they could go forth and plant the seeds of hope in their lives and we have used one to represent Erin's lively spirit living among us in our family photos as you can see if you scroll down in my sidebar.
This is a beautiful post Rebecca. Thank you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I missed last Sunday but hopefully I'll make it this Sunday. Very beautiful post. You know so many fascinating people!

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