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May 29, 2011


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Beautiful...The courage to walk the world with an open heart does not come easy. courage to stand and be counted...even more blessed. Not much is black and white in the world...but many shades of gray like the photos you have shared.

deb taylor

WOW. Just WOW. I need to read this over and over...and return


Wild horses could not keep me from protecting and standing up for my family. Would I do the same for all in need? In my heart I want to be courageous but I have to be honest and say NO. My prayer is to be there to help in some small way.


Dearest Rebecca,
This is the most meaningful post that I have read on any blog in a long time, including yours. I love Harper Lee's book, and I remember the courage and conviction of Atticus Finch and his love for his children. This post shows the tenderness of your own heart too and your early desire for love, inclusion and justice in the world, which I am sure came from your father. The courage to stand up to oppression, to risk one's heart, one's worldly goods and even one's life is what our global crisis is calling for in this day and age. I would like to think that I have what it takes. I have always believed that I was meant to do something so much larger than I am currently, and I still feel that there will be a time when I shall. We are living in a time of great tragedy. We simply do not see it in front of us every day. But other people live it on a daily basis and your words are a clarion call for each of us to reach out. For me, the people living in the darkest season of hate are those living in Gaza and the West Bank. Their lives are in the balance right now and anything we as citizens of the world and sisters and brothers in peace can do to help them is an opportunity "to walk unabashed under honest skies and "care in extraordinary ways."
Peace and Light xoxo,


By the way your images are just beautiful, the magnolias are stunning particularly.

Dawn Elliott

You write like no one else, sculpting your words in such a way to captivate our souls as we meander with you through your childhood summers...your sweet innocence...that which molded you into the soulful and benevolent woman you are today.

It's too easy to get caught up in today's frenzied world, and to not find the time to care for and connect with others . It's up to each of us as individuals to hold true to cherishing love and light.

Your post is astoundingly beautiful, thank you.

Ms. Moon

This is so beautiful, Rebecca. Your words, your pictures, my heart takes them in and knows them as family.
I was just writing about kindness today and how isn't that the core of everything?
I doubt seriously that I could do extraordinary things. That's not my nature. I know it, too. But if we were ALL just kinder, simply that- perhaps we wouldn't need the extraordinary so often.
I love you. YOU are kind. AND extraordinary.

Sue fox

I like the last image, the tiniest of petals held delicately by human fingers, we are all capable of caring delicately for each other.

Thank you for leading the way.

Sue x

Miss Robyn

Rebecca, you already do that: [teach peace, offer kindness, walk unabashed under honest skies, guard down, heart open?] through your words and kind, caring soul xoxo

Fran aka Redondowriter

I second what Dawn has written. You are a superb writer, just one of your several creative gifts. I'm late to the party again. Internet problems today but up and running tonight. This is a big week for you, Rebecca, and I hope your illness goes into hiding while the auction is going on--and forever, for that matter.


You are a gifted and extraordinarily provocative writer. I was sucked in, could feel the sun's kiss on my face and smell the Earth's dry dust of summer. What a treat!


This is an extraordinary post. I will read it over and over.


Such beauty in this post, like so many others. We find ourselves stitched together, holding the world together.

Spent yesterday with a dear old friend whose mother passed away...along with many other dear old friends we helped support her through her grief.

much love,


Whoa,your writing talent is blowing my mind right now.I have a similar photo as the one of the woman in front of the house.Odd.


Good Morning,
Thank you for your postcard from Paridisio.
The heroines of your life, have created an extra special person, YOU!! Wouldn't Harper Lee be happy to read this? And how about the couple that helped her?
Kindness costs nothing, yet offers a blessing to the receiver and the giver. Kindness makes our world a better place.
Thank you for your compassion, Rebecca!
For taking the time~

Kim Mailhot

How I love you, rebecca and your sweet, sweet love of life. Thank you for this piece of art today.
Love and light.


"holding close, warming each other, softening every edge life might throw,"

yes. you do. and when we can't, i hope the love of God in us can...

imperfect prose

oh, there are so many lines i love... especially the one, peppered with fireflies... and the scent of magnolias... such a gift for the senses, this. beautiful prose, friend.

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