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May 22, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

It is wonderful to put a face to each of the glorious women who are participating in the auction this year! What a beautiful and whimsical lot we are, no?


What a great looking bunch of people! I want to have a huge dinner party and invite all of you, wouldn't that be fun? I can imagine the whole evening in the jungle that is our backyard with paper lanterns and drinks with those little paper parasols, sigh.


oh happy day! the auction date is official and how wonderful to be greeted by ALL these beautiful faces!!

I'll shall get some posts ready...
we saw WasteLand last night...phew, but a film and what inspiration.



wikipedia states, 'generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return'; i can no longer claim the 'without anything in return' portion of that statement when it comes to you and your annual shrine project.

the blessing of entering into your circle of creatives is such an incalculable gift, for which i thank you.

i love you so.


Hi Rebecca,
I am planning to do another post slightly nearer the 5th so have linked to the old one here. Great post-must have taken a while! x

Abi Monroe

Lovely Rebecca - so great to 'see' everyone!


Good morning rebecca! Beautiful bright flowery faces of generosity and creativity transforming the lives of children they have never met. What could possibly be better. I watched Wasteland last night too. what an amazing film! I was in tears through many parts of it. Such beauty, such alchemical change taking place at such deep levels through the powerful medium of art and human compassion. That is what it is all about my dear friend!

Magical Mystical Teacher

What a superlative lineup of generous souls! Thank you all!

Fran aka Redondowriter

We have so few public heroes in our culture these days. As I looked at each photo, I thought to myself, "Here are the heroes." It was inspiring to see everyone and put some faces to user names. And thanks, Rebecca. What a labor of love this is for you. I will put up a link on my blog.

Sue fox

Such an inspiration and declaration of 'love',
I feel honoured to keep your company.

Thank you all,

Sue x


Thank you rebecca for this wonderful post.
Seriously. You have put so much time,effort and corazon into this project.
love you!


Thank you, Rebecca for inviting me to join. This sounds like a wonderful effort.


Added a Mr Linky link to a shrine post...will be creating new ones and starting to get the word out tomorrow.


Yay, TEAM! What a privelege to be participating with all these wonderful artists! Wishing for the best auction ever!!!
xoxo lulu (aka lk moonwood


Nice to see the faces behind each shrine:)Looking forward to the auction that you have worked so hard to organize~thank you Rebecca!

Georgina C. Diaz

Thank you for listing all these lovelies, Rebecca. What a group of awesome artists, including yourself, my dear!!

Thank you for the opportunity in participating in this wonderful auction and being included in this group of talent.


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