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May 08, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

Your images and words are totally scrumptious today! Happy Mother's Day to you, Rebecca. I hope you have a restful and joyous day in your own little paradise that is your home.


Happy Mother's day lovely Rebecca!
Your kindness is appreciated by me and many.
I just have a sneaking suspension that you are an excellent mother and wife.

May you feel all the love flow around you today and everyday!!


Happy Mother's Day, beautiful Rebecca. The photos and quote are gorgeous, as always!

Ms. Moon

Happy Mother's Day to you and your sweet mothering heart.


Truly Rebecca... it is through the heart that we can begin to see the world in its glory, and all the ways that touch us so, your sweet words, these love notes left here, Christine's art, opening the heart... thank you so... with much love to you, this and all days!

Kim A.

Happy Mother's day dear Rebecca! Your photos and quote go so well together .... I am loving the ants sheltering in the shade. I'm sure that one of them must be the mom :)

Hugs, Kimmie


Dearest Rebecca,
I am late, but I am here. I love you and Happiest of Mother's Days my dearest friend. I hope that you have been regaled with flowers and chocolates and gone tipsy with mimosas by now. I LOVE your beautiful English garden. The Little Prince is my favorite book and always has been. Everything real and true about life is written in those pages. I have created a post. Mother's day is not an easy day for me, and for some reason this one was a little more difficult than usual. Thank you for your email my friend.
All My Love,


I completely forgot to say something about Christine's Art. Oh my goodness! Her Calavera is Amazing. She is so beautiful and so intricately done with such skillful detail. I have never seen so much love put into one piece. Such generosity of spirit is truly heart opening!
Blessings to her on Mother's Day!


Good evening, Rebecca. It's always so nice to visit here. Today's special time turned into the perfect postcard for me to share with you all. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother Friends here.


Happy Mother's Day.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I hope you had a nice mother's day, Rebecca. For all who visit here, you are our mom and our sister as well as our mentor. Thanks for everything, including encouragement to explore paradise.


I hope you enjoyed your mothers day!!

deb taylor

oh such beautiful blooms! pretty petals! fantastic flowers! ~perfect Paradise~

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