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May 18, 2011


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Georgene Lockwood

I love this sweet little lady. Beautiful work.

Magical Mystical Teacher

The center
is joy and sorrow
for us all.

deb taylor

such a lovely piece worked with JOYful, generous, loving hands


this is beautiful, both in image and word...


This theme of joy and sorrow, joy and pain, ying and yang, is one I also read on Dawn's site today. It must be an important message; I know it is. What lovely dolls; I never thought of a doll as something that was a container that could safely hold feelings. I like this very much. Peace and love, Olivia

Dawn Elliott

What a soulful and thought provoking piece! It's wonderful to have Tina join in the art auction this year.


This is so very true....though it's sometimes hard to tuck that sorrow into the space of joy.


Meri @ Meri's Musings

This is exquisite -- easy to tell it was made with love in every stitch. Her work and your goodness bring me joy!


This doll is comforting just to look must be magic to hold!

Fran aka Redondowriter

This doll and her words are exquisite. Thanks for sharing.

Kim andersen

I love the purposefulness in this creation. It will bring comfort and joy to whomever chooses to adopt it into their home. The work you are doing here Rebecca is so Worthy.


I am deeply moved by this doll. It has a sacredness about it, almost an archetypal quality. I had a friend some years ago who did work in South Africa with AIDS orphans and also with the children of Sierra Leone. She and the women in the cooperative there made dolls for the children to hold. For many of them, it made all the difference and was indeed a container to hold feelings. Tina's work is outstanding and evokes with clarity that art is truly a healing medium for the creator and the receiver.


Gorgeous doll. Such amazing work!

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