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May 05, 2011


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Oh Wow. Wow. Wow! WOW!!

Karen Gerstenberger

Feliz Cinco de Mayo to you! I love how you always highlight and support other artists! You are a generous-hearted gem!

Toni baxter

absolutely wonderful! thanks.lyle baxter

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I scooted over to the Gallery of Hope and was bedazzled by the heartful genius of these amazing, giving artists. What a treasure trove of wonderful things! And what a treasure trove of goodness and friendship you are, sweet one.

Noelle Clearwater

This was the most beautiful, most delicious, coloricious, joyful surprise of my day. What artistic splendor, what beauty, what FUN! I am speechless. Each frame brought more ooh's and Ah's than the last! I am so thankful for you. What an offering you have given us on this lovely Cinco de Mayo my friend. A Joyful one to you!


Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too. Wow, that is some talent. I loved them all but especially Debs laughter. Wonderful, thank you. I feel alive again!!




Magical Mystical Teacher

All this beauty makes me want to DANCE!!!

Molokai Girl (Paula Scott)

Oh, JOY!!! To be in such marvelous company! Fun and joy!

Abi Monroe

CooL :O)

Dawn Elliott

I love your joyous Cinco de Mayo photos!!! They're all wonderful...and so much fun!
I reckon I'll go check out the auction site to see what's been happening today. I hope you've had a cinco delicioso!


Love it!!!
Love you!!

Caya Papaya

I just love all of these photos... and absolutely love that I am in such amazing and beautiful company. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I am absolutely enchanted. I've got to check out all these links; the art is incredible.


I loved your post, filled with the most amazing and colorful faces around--WOW! Happy Cinco De Mayo to you as well, and may you have joy every single day, Love to you, Olivia


Happy Happy Joy Joy!


Cinco X's Magnífico !
Happy Cinco de Mayo, Rebecca!



absolutely WOW!

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