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May 19, 2011


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Sue fox

These pics are so beautiful Rebecca and your heavenly haiku too, now what can this 'spark off' for mine :~)?

Love you lots,
Sue x


Pictures leave me speechless. Such a talented man. And your beautiful haiku blends so very well with these pictures. Have a wonderful day and thank you! Cathy

Magical Mystical Teacher

Rebecca, the photographs are extraordinary; your haiku is as gentle and welcoming as a field of poppies. Blessings!

deb taylor

delicious, beautiful photos.....I want to jump inside that orange and firey red richness!

Kim A.

Yes, skirts are what they are .... And dancing with joy I think. Who can help but watch :)

Ms. Moon

Breeze swishes those skirts
So that they flirt with the sky
Showing blushing sex.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Gorgeous spring flowers and kudos to their photographer. I like the skirts word to describe them. Today I'm off to Heritage Square in Pasadena for the day but will read everyone's posts later. Thanks.

Dawn Elliott

The line..."smitten earth grows eyes" is such a beautiful way to look at the world! Another phenomenal haiku, Rebecca!


I love the energy here, perfect to greet the day! Peace and blessings, Olivia

Kim Mailhot

What a beautiful costume love has donned ! Magical and just what I needed on my grey New Hampshire day !
Thank you for the joy, LOvely One. So glad to share this moment with you.


Pure spring magic! in those dancing floral skirts!


Meri @ Meri's Musings

These words, like these images, have magic and power.


Wow!!! Those are so pretty! Must stop in to see your neighbor.

Margaret Pangert

The exquisite, subtle swish of the silk skirts tilting and lifting the sky; peepers popping to see them! Sheer bliss, Rebecca! And Rick Underwood's stunning photos here and at Celebrate Life are a gift to the senses! xxox


These images are exquisite. The colors are almost on fire, each one a burning cup of gold orange, or deep pink. Such beauty is simply too much for words and you have been so generous to share Rick Underwood's work with us here. Your haiku is glorious. They are completely a feminine flower it's true. Lovely post. Thank you.


Lovely haiku, so appropriate for Rick Underwood's gorgeous dream-like photos.


oo rebecca! your words and those photos = magic!! i hope to be able to play here again soon...xo


Rebecca , thank you so much for your lovely comments on my very first haiku my heart posting. I wrote from the heart..and so appreciate the generosity of this group. I feel snuggled in!

Gloria Y beautiful! i want to curl up in the last photo and take a nap!

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