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May 05, 2011


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My link disappeared but I will trust that it will appear eventually. I love your image of the flower whose seeds are being blown hopefully far and wide to take root in other places where growth, nurture and life are needed. We used to call those "blowflowers" when my sister and I were just little children. I am holding your shrine project in the Light. I affirm in faith that it will shine and be successful as it continues to progress through the expanding flow of blessings that are all around it and broadens within the spiral of those who are involved in it.

Grammy E

Your images and words are so heat lifting for me today. To blow a wish and remember the simple joy of life if a gift, that may forget. When we grow up it is true bliss to simply enjoy those long forgotten games we played as kids. Sending you a big hug and lots of love.


Never ceases to amaze me. My Haikuntoday features "Breath" and you make mentionnof it here as well. There are no coincidences. Hope all is going good with you. I wish you much peace and a very good Haiku My Heart Friday.


Magical Mystical Teacher

I like what Noelle says about making up names ("blowflowers") for the things whose names we do not know. I've been doing that even into adulthood. For years I was fascinated by the "drinkerbird," a creature that makes a sound like water trickling over stones. Only in my late 30s did I discover that my "drinkerbird" was actually a purple martin!

Maybe it is the making of names that gives us what you call "the lightness of hope."

deb taylor

This lifts me higher than I thought I could fly today!!! Oh what a JOYful day of HOPE and CELEBRATION...I love you my dear sweet Rebecca!


Such JOY and HOPE! Love love love!!! I remember the excitement as a child of blowing those wishes and hopes into the air.


Thanks for your lovely post today - as always.
I had trouble linking too, but all seems well now.
Take care.

Have a wonderful weekend, Boonie

Gloria Y

Brought a happy drizzle to my eyes! I go into this day with even more than I woke up with! Thank you & YIPPEEEEEE!


Happy light and love to you!

Margaret Pangert

That wish, that breath, are so genuine, that you must hope and believe! So gentle, fragile, that blowflower against the blue sky! Much love, Margaret

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I love the Deb puff -- and your sweet words. Alas, Gloria's link is broken. . . she's the only one I haven't visited today.


This is my first visit here and my first haiku...I will be visiting the other links and soaking up all the good vibes. Thank you!


breath in. breath out. repeat.




More serendipity here as my haiku also features breath.
Like minds....


The dandelion images are lovely, and the haiku is straight from your heart, I know. I diddn't get to know Deb, but my haiku is dedicated to her.


I hope the answer was all that you wish for.

Kim Mailhot

sweet breath...
Love to you, Gorgeous One!

Fran aka Redondowriter

So simple, so profound, so loving, so creative. Everything you write and post here is an inspiration to me.

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