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May 12, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

"loosened from the sky"

I'm going to steal your line, Rebecca, for a non-traditional haiku:

Fiery fruit,
loosened from the sky,
sweeten my heart!

Thank you,my dear friend!

Grammy E

Blogger is down so most who use it can not post. E

Kim Mailhot

I am a Blogger-challenged haiku writer today but send love and light to all my playmates anyway !

Dawn Elliott

You always inspire me with your thought- provoking words and beautiful artwork. I love your welcome to this glorious new spring day...and will commence to soak it all in!


I too am Blogger-challenged and not in Haiku My Heart but I love this today... Blessings, Olivia


Good day Rebecca. Such beautiful words as always. I'm going outside since Blogger's down to take in the beauty of our backyard. Actually I have to water my chili's. :)
is this a Haiku?

Habaneros finding light
ready to release
the beauty of heat

????? I don't know how to Haiku. Tee Hee. Have a great day.


such a hopeful haiku - a flame in every heart . . .


sun rises like hope
but night falls like needed rest.
i will take them both

Magical Mystical Teacher

Yes, Gloria, what you wrote for Rebecca is a haiku...a tiny moment in time.

Too often writers get hung up with counting syllables instead of just letting a few words trickle down on paper...which is all a haiku is, really...a tiny trickle of words.


Thank you Rebecca for the sharing and light your site has brought into my life. I was blogger challenged this week but kept trying and made it! To all others, keep trying.


Hi, Thanks for inviting me to join in! I like what Magical Mystery Teacher said, "a tiny trickle of words."

Fran aka Redondowriter

And I am so glad you have prepared a place for us and that you are here. I love this piece and the words.


Such optimism.
Thank you.


deb taylor

light ahead of us
doors open, hearts unfurling
blinded by the light


Dearest Rebecca,
Thank you for the seeds of hope and friendship that you always sow my dear. The promise of a new day is always ahead of us. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

Sue fox

Your flame always shining brightly in the window of 'home'.

Love Sue x


When I read your haiku, I can tell it comes from a source where passion reigns. That's why your words have an impact on me.


I love Haiku and would love to particpate next Friday! I do hope I am not too late. I love your poem..lovely, simply lovely.


dearest rebecca....
we would not be here without you...
Thank you for everything


thank you for this promise of hope and light... i have been at the beach with my family for almost a week - an unexpected blessing and the first real vacation for several years... the sun on the water was magical.

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