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May 11, 2011


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Noelle Clearwater

This is absolutely lovely, stunning really. I thought that it was yours at first. I was so excited to finally see your shrine. But Deann's piece is simply exquisite. The artist in the jar, speaks volumes really, so moving. Thank you for sharing it and I will go to Deann's blog and say something.
Thank you for greeting me this morning. It made my day so much brighter.
Love xoxo,

Sue fox

It is always a pure JOY to visit you dear Rebecca, my mood a little low after the merriment but soon lifted by your ever giving presence, you really are the sunshine of my day!

Love Sue x

Georgene Lockwood

Gorgeous work. Love the brilliant reds and drama.


Beautiful Rebecca. Your words captures the essence of the beauty that you are seeing. I was at Steph's yesterday and her little creatures of clay inspired me to work with clay and now I'm here and your cigar box shrine inspires me to work on a cigar box. Ayeeeeee! What to do, what to do! :) Thanks. Beautiful as always.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I needed this joy at the end of a grueling day. Thank you. Simply thank you.

Laura Hegfield

"...a symbol of fragility and vulnerability..."I love these words (and your images too Rebecca)...for when we open to our vulnerability and allow our fragile nature to show, compassion's roots deepen and love blossoms into joy and respect for others and our own tender selves as well...and this IS a great joy!

Kim Mailhot

This filled me up. Deann's joy is contageous, isn't it ? And oh, those reds...
Happy Thursday, Beautiful Rebecca !

Dawn Elliott

What a sweet and thoughtful offering for the children of Oaxaca. It's easy to see how this stunning shrine transmits joy to all who view it!

Fran aka Redondowriter

What a great shrine and your words are wonderful. Deann's work is inspiring.

Caya Papaya

Thank you Rebecca so much for giving all of us an opportunity to do something creative in the spirit of helping others. I am so happy that I found you:-)

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