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May 02, 2011


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Your spirit glows with generosity and beauty...Thank you Rebecca for all you do :)
XoX, Lisa

deb taylor

now I now, because of an Angel such as you. Oh the Mosaic Project...oh what a powerful project!


Thank you so much for featuring our auction on your wonderful blog! It's a beautiful post ~ I love the worn angels, and they seem to have something in common with the girls at Angel Faces...beautiful in spite of misfortune.


Beautiful angels that have spirit in them. That's why I enjoy coming to your blog, you always inspire. Your projects are always meaningful. Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

Tammy Sprinkle

Thank you Rebecca for being such a kind soul and sharing Angel Faces with others. It is a wonderful organization and I am so excited that we can help is some small way.


Thank you for sharing Angel Faces and Inspiration Avenue's art auction.
love to you


I wasn't familiar with this organization. I am so in awe of the good so many people do. Thank you for sharing this with us. All involved are truly angels.

Kim Mailhot

We are all such brave hearts, finding our way to shine.
Happy to be in this world at the same time as you, Beautiful Rebecca.


I just spent the last 30 minutes exploring Angel Faces and learning about their program. What a blessing for these girls. So glad you shared the site with us. Bless you, Rebecca.


Hello Rebecca dear,
I had explored this wonderful site on Gemma's blog. You have given these girls and their cause such a wonderful tribute here, full of the grace and beauty that is certainly theirs in every way. As Antoine de Saint Exupery once said in so many words, "One sees clearly only with the heart." Their hearts are nourished by bravery and the encouragement of those who support them.

Katina Wright

A beautiful post. Thank you for spreading the word about the wonderful work of Angel Faces and this week's Inspiration Avenue charity auction.

Kat X

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