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April 20, 2011


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thinking of
Giving Heart


~~May you always
Be You~~




Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

I love hearts, of course, so it goes without saying that your post gives me joy. But the talent of Molokai Girl and all the other shrine makers -- not to mention their generosity of spirit -- sends me over the moon.

Kim Mailhot

Love the heart joy !
Happy Thursday, Beautiful One !

Dawn Elliott

It won't be long now that we can see all the offerings from the artists who share our love for Oaxaca!

Think of all the collective JOY that the auction will bring!

deb taylor

Oh this video in FANTASTIC!! ~BRAVO Paula!!


rebecca Please know how much joy you have added to our world. Thank you.


Beautiful, stunning and compassionate hearts. Paula's piece is a fantastic addition. Everyone's contribution is so full of love and a deep generosity of spirit for the children. May it open other hearts to their needs.

Shanae Branham

I followed you over from "Share the Joy Thursday". I love the thought of caring for others bringing you joy. It also brings me joy! Life is the relationships we make.

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