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April 17, 2011


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deb taylor

Oh, I am here with you. Celebrating, sipping, singing and honoring this day.

Sue fox

Me too, as Deb says ... all days are to be honoured, especially when in such good company ...

Sue x

Ms. Moon

Now, THAT, my darling, is a Palm Sunday.


I am happy to have come here to celebrate/honor Palm Sunday. Thank you for these beautiful images!

Molokai Girl

Exquisite images! I want to go there for that! I always forget to take my Palm in later on in the year when they use them to burn for ashes for Ash Wednesday. Consequently, my stash of Palms from over the years can be found throughout my home!

Magical Mystical Teacher

The air thick with incenses...I can smell it now...a foretaste, I think, of heaven...

Magical Mystical Teacher

Well, that should have been "incense," singular...but I'm sure you understood my little slip of the fingers!


What beautiful images of a most sacred procession.


Thank you for sharing this sacred ritual, these faithful pilgrims,like a long line of rosary beads in procession,never failing, always attending in love, honor and respect for the King of Kings. You have captured such a sense of the numinous here and a deep sense of the Holy within community.

Fran aka Redondowriter

How are you feeling this week, Rebecca? Did you take all of these photos yourself? They are wonderful! Being with family today, all day, was like paradise for me.


absolutely gorgeous colors - so vibrant and full of life and possibility.

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along




Miss Robyn

oh how beautiful, Rebecca. something I would never have seen if not for you & your blog. I wish, wish that our Palm Sundays were as divine as this one.
can you share other Easter celebrations? I am fully immersing myself in each and every day of Easter at our church this year.. I don't understand it all, but the sacredness of it all touches my soul.

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