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April 24, 2011


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Looks like your Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful.

enjoy the light

deb taylor

Oh Rebecca...these photos are so refreshing and beautiful...ENJOY ALL YOUR MOMENTS!

Sue fox

Yes, Yes, and Yes again,
Love Sue x


"Allow the darkness of the past to bleed freely into holy light." I don't think that I have ever read a more perfect description of integrating past suffering with present feelings of love and deep compassion for ourselves and for all beings in the world around us than that my friend. Your life is extraordinary in every way.
Love to you at Easter and always
(You must see Elizabeth's post today!)


Your words are so promising. YES let's bring past darkness into holy light.


Thank you

Sue fox

Because my darling our hearts beat in synchronization!

Sue x


I could dive into the blue of those photos -- dive in and swim around joyfully with you, dear Rebecca. I hope you are feeling all right on this Easter day -- I think of you often and send you love and healing prayers.

Dawn Elliott

Your words weave a fanciful path in my mind that transcends the here and now and allows me to experience spring with all my senses... So beautifully written, Rebecca.


Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, to this beauty call I respond with all my heart!!! XO

Ms. Moon

As does everyone else, I love the idea of letting the past's darkness bleed into holy light. I will keep that thought in my heart. I will try to let that guide me.
Love to you, Rebecca.

Miss Robyn

once again, words and photos that speak to my soul... wish you could be our new priest :) xoxo

Gemma @ Greyscale

A beautiful range of wonderful macros! And the lighting effects are magical!


oh wow rebecca, photos and words blew me away.
thank you.
thank you for always remembering me.
pushing me to stay awake.
love love love to you.


i am here this morning, soaking up your beauty, belatedly, but no less appreciative...

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