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April 21, 2011


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I love your photo today, and your haiku is oh so excellent too.
You brighten my moment as well.

Have a great weekend, Boonie


Yours are beautiful words Rebecca. And I bow to you with hands held together in honor and peace. Perfect is your heart and all hearts when all of it is given freely to others.

Peace, Love and Hugs.... From the heart

Grammy E

I bow to you to, and send lots of love & smiles. You must have an abundance of heart rocks. They are wonderful and so are your words.

deb taylor

bowing now, holding you and your heart this day and everyday. Your photo speaks volumes


I bow to the shining sun in your heart.


your heart rocks . . . so beautiful. I have missed your posts the last few weeks. So glad to be back and enjoying the love and joy.



happy eARTh day!

Dawn Elliott

Your haiku is so rich and beautiful.
What a Good Friday and Earthday it is!
Enjoy this holy weekend with sweet thoughts of our beloved Mexico, my friend...


that is an amazing photo. i am always in awe of those like yourself who can write beautiful haikus.

Ramesh Sood

A beautiful Haiku.. loved it Rebecca.. A Happy Earth Day..

In addition to my haikus..I invite you to visit here..

for a poem which I consider as among those which happened during the moments of deep contemplations.. Thank You!!!

Sue fox

Heart holding tender hand,
tending to hearts of others,
Namaste my friend.

Sue x

Motivational Poems

Beautiful image and nicely written haiku!

Short Poems

Jill K. Berry

Hugs and many kisses to you, I am already sad at not seeing you this summer. You are on my mind. xo


I am so happy I have the time again to write and to read beautiful words. I bow to you and thank you for hosting this party.

Margaret Pangert

Your heart always shines brightly, Rebecca~ Lovely haiku, and the stone reminds me this is the hour of Jesus's death, a time for us to let a new nature emerge from within. Peace and love

Kim Mailhot

I love your heart, Miss Rebecca.
Beautiful haiku today...full of that Rebecca love.
Have a cozy weekend, Gorgeous One.

Magical Mystical Teacher

It is the dark stones that sing more than the my experience...

Thank you, Rebecca.


Ah, to leave the dreaded night in the rear view mirror of life.
Hope you are well, R.



I can feel the jubilation and joy in your last line. A great contrast!


what a lovely haiku for good friday... "night is behind us"

hoping the light fills every corner of your soul...


Sweet Rebecca,
Your words remind me of St. Thomas's Dark Night of the Soul and his spiritual journey toward the Beloved, His was a true discovery of the divine Self Whole, beautiful and perfect. His heart was on fire for his God and it lit the dark world through which he traveled for a time. Love always lights the way. I believe that. Your poetic words are beautiful because they come from a pure heart. I love that the heart stone has a break in it. No heart that truly gives has never been broken.


I've been readin Debdidit's haiku's for ages and thought I'd try it.

Gloria Y

you show us the way
sunbeam shines through cyberspace
thank you rebecca


I haven't been able to muster up a haiku in such a long time, but I do so appreciate the gorgeous ones you and your posse come up with! I hope you're well, Rebecca -- thinking about you.

Sue fox

Easter Saturday....

The sun is shining here in the UK. I'm sending warm hugs and love your way,
Thinking about your each day until your return with words to fill us with JOY once more!

Bless your beautiful heart,

Sue x

Abi Monroe

Sooo beautiful :O)


love to you on this Easter Sunday...

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