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April 14, 2011


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I am thrilled that your team is running for hope, for Unity of purpose, for the cure that we affirm is already out there. We just have to realize it. We stand in alliance with them and support them as they do this very important work!
Love and Good Health,

Caya Papaya

Such inspiration! I love this image- and your haiku. Makes me want to move my body! Hope you are feeling much better.


Another brilliant post from you! Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

Ramesh Sood

Happy world of thoughts
Distance doesn't matter, hey,
I walk with you all...


here i am, finally, with a haiku on friday. and what a perfect day for me to be here...


finding comfort here,
knowing Many makes for strength,
changes can be made...

deb taylor

measuring love with you today, and always

Kim Mailhot

Such strength in the coming together. It often blows me away.
Light and love, Beautiful One !

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

I'm walking with you, hand in hand. Together all things are possible. In love, all things are possible.

Sue fox

I'm stretching out to you haiku by haiku, strong bonds of heart sharing.

Sue x

Ms. Moon

There is no perfect
Except for the perfection
Found in each of us.

Kim Andersen

I've heard it said that such athleticism in a body requires larger lungs, larger hearts, more blood, more blood cells .... I am always amazed! but even those of us who watch and admire are amazing :)


How powerful
'alone we are rare
together we are strong'


Walking together
inspired by each other
haiku in my heart

Margaret Pangert

Rebecca~ Your haiku and remarks about this team running for love, for rare diseases, are so uplifting to me. The private sector has been responsible for so many advances in research, cures. I pray for everyone afflicted. "Alone we are rare; together we are strong." God bless you, Rebecca

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