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April 28, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Thank you, Rebecca, for letting us know about Deborah. I offer my haiku in memory of her.

Grammy E

Oh my, I am so sorry to here of this. :(


Like many, I wondered where Deb had gone, not seeing her posts and her blog left for periods of time. I have had the pleasure of talking via e-mail a few times as she and I share a great love for Lake Superior. My heart is heavy reading that she has passed. It is a loss for our community and for humanity.
Rest In Peace.

Thank you Rebecca, for kind words, for a piece of your heart, and for taking a piece of mine when offered. Thanks for letting us know about Deb. Thanks for inspiration.

In Peace

Dawn Elliott

I'm always touched by the depth and mastery of your soulful writing, Rebecca. Awesome, it is!

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.


Dear Rebecca,
How well I remember this beautiful post. It was the most glorious I had seen on her blog in some time and I wonder now if she knew something then and was sending a gentle message. The lanterns lights gently float like her beautiful spirit into the darkened sky. Thank you for sharing this news of her sad and early passing with us. She would have been glad to know that underprivileged and at risk teens were being supported through art.
Peace and Love,

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

Such sad news -- like Noelle,I remember this post well. I thought the haiku was glorious, possibly her best. She was a special woman with a loving heart. Thanks for letting us know.

Kim Mailhot

Celebration of this precious life we live...that is what our art, our poetry, our creations are. Here's to Deb and her creative spirit.
Thank you as always, Beautiful Rebecca, for bringing our hearts together this way.
Love and light to you...


I am deeply saddened to learn of Deborah’s passing.
Take care my friend.

Best wishes from Boonie


Oh I'm so sorry. I did visit her from time to time.Such a big heart with a beautiful soul. Beautiful video. Blessings to Deborah and her family, it's a very sad day. Thank you Rebecca.


What a beautiful memorial to a dear blog friend.

thank you Rebecca for sharing this news.

Kim Andersen

My friday attendance has been sketchy at best .... I am sorry that I did not take the time to get to know Deborah ... we don't know what we have until it is gone ... thank you for sharing with us ... and for your constant encouragement to stay connected. It matters.


I'm still new here and do not know Deborah but her message is loud and clear.

Sue fox

As you say Deborah's last two haiku posts were very poignant, I remember connecting closely with her sentiment. How wonderful that paths can cross like this through our world of love!

Thank you Rebecca for leading the way,
Love Sue x

Gloria Y

Passing acquaintance
deepens with you bright, spare words
Deb, I will miss you

Thank you for letting us know, Rebecca. Thank you for such a lovely place to be together, however briefly...


Hunger Moon is a lovely haiku.
RIP beautiful blogging spirit.


what a beautiful reminder of the delicate threads that connect us all ~ even through the vastness of cyberspace.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I was sad to hear about Deb, but I left a comment for her as I know she is one of the angels she painted so beautifully. I have this Buddhist evening gatha taped to my computer: Let me respectfully remind you, life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Let us awaken, take heed, do not squander your life.


so very sorry to hear of deb's passing...

Jenny F

My first impression upon seeing the image of the woman and the children(cherubs?) was of death and then I read that Deb had died. Erie.
I did not know her or of her blog but I am convinced she is now one of the angels she has been seeing all along.


oh, so terribly sad for her family , friends , and loved ones.
every second of life is so precious.

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