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April 07, 2011


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This is a very beautiful image with beautiful words.

Sue fox

I'm 'looping in' to your loving circle!

Sue x


That Foxy Sue, she took the words right out of my mouth! Your place IS a loving circle. I know I come here to find peace in a world where peaceful thoughts and coexistance isn't the norm. We must make it so in our lives, within our own surroundings, otherwise, all is lost. You keep that spirit alive.



circling in on love - beautiful imagery. The warmth and peace present in your posts always brings light to my day. Thank you.

Margaret Pangert

Hi Rebecca~ The prism of light reaching the circle is the infinite love to reassemble. The Sacred Feminine circle (which of course includes the Sacred Spiritual Masculine...). This photo and haiku are so meaningful. Thank you, Rebecca. xxox


Absolutely wonderful. There are so many tender haikus today. Love is in the air! It must be spring!!! Thanks be to God! Cathy

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

Peace, love, and a cup of tea. Or three.

Kim Mailhot

I am always grateful to be part of this loving circle. Big hugs, Lovely Rebecca !


Thank you for encircling us all in your love



Thank you for the circle of light you spread to us.


these interweaving circles are links of great love... XO

Kim Andersen

your circle cannot be measured :)

Karen Gerstenberger

No matter what is happening with you, you are always so full of life. You spread joy with your photos, words, and thoughts. Thank you. Blessings to you!


Thank you, rebecca dear. Life has been taking many things apart lately. I am grateful for love and friendship and the deep kindness of this group. It is a shelter in the storms of the world lately.


thinking of you
your big

and there

and around the world...

{{ isn't life grand! }}


what life takes a part
duct tape can surely fix all
except love: use string

hope you are well, r.

~p 8^)


When I began writing my haiku today, terribly sad words and images came out. I then read your haiku and found the answer that my poem's persona needed to hear. Thank you for your beautiful words, Rebecca x


Today is a happier day so I have added another one, inspired by my garden, and thought I would share these happy vibes! (glh2)

Thanks again, Rebecca - your lovely message made me smile! x

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