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March 16, 2011


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You are a gem! Thank you -- the universe thanks you.

Janet Ghio

Your posts about Japan have been beautiful! Thank you.


This is a great idea. I've decided to do the same. I will always remember your heart.

deb taylor

speaking up. here I am. I will go visit others.


That is such a good idea. I shall visit your friends tomorrow. Just popping in to say hi now. x

Lisa Cousineau

I think what you are doing is beautiful and helps restore my faith in humanity!


Thank you for your generosity and kindness. I am starting our team for the ShelterBox tonight. We shall raise enough money to buy a box for a family of 10. I am sure of it.
Blessings and light,

Molokai Girl

It is so hard to imagine what it is like to be amongst such devastation and death. And, it must be hard to feel the love and concern from around the world. But I will hold the vigilance of prayer and hope and love along with all of you for our friends in Japan.


Thank you Rebecca and all these beautiful open hearts...


Your prayers and work for the people in Japan is beautiful.


A writer friend of mine volunteers for Shelter Box. I know they do good work. Thanks for putting your heart in to this cause. x0 N2

Kate Hopper

Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for doing this--for linking to all of us and spreading the love. You are a gem, indeed!


We are one family...sheltering and caring for each other. I smile at the huge hearts here.

p.s. Longmont's Pecha Kucha event on April 8th is collecting donations for the Japan Red Cross...for anyone reading this in our area come click on my link for all the info.

abi monroe

You are an Angel Rebecca. X

Miss Robyn

you are beautiful. as are all who are doing what they can to help Japan. whether it be prayers, healing, monetary or physical help... each and every one are angels. It shows just how strong the connection between us all, is...

[I am slowly getting my head back..and venturing into blog world.. the bike took alot out of me this time xo]


You help me be a better person.
Thank you and love.


shelter indeed
thank you rebecca
you are a beautiful, generous soul

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

Yes - yes. . . join the Aquatic Angels team! I made a small donation.

Dawn Elliott

Thank you for providing other ways in which we can all help, instead of just helplessly watching from the sidelines. I will visit each site post haste...and continue sending prayers to Mother Earth and our brothers and sisters in Japan.


That's such a beautiful gesture!=)I am headed there to see what I can do!


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