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March 13, 2011


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joining you in prayer...

deb taylor

joining us, now and forever


joining you and all - to humankind, may we collect our strength to step forward together to heal each other and our world.


Joining you now in Prayer, Rebecca. Thank you for doing this my dear.


encircling us all, this global family

Molokai Girl

Yes-many, many prayers and positive thoughts out to Japan and the people there.

Sue fox

When one nations suffers such sadness, we all feel.

Holding hands with you across the ocean.

Sue x

Margaret Pangert

When the Japanese cherry blossoms bloom this April, I willl go there to offer more prayers. I love how you have found circles even in these branches. You have created a tangible way for us to reach out to our Japanese friends who are in such terrible distress. Prayer is powerful. Thank you, Rebecca.


and prayers
go together
the hands know
I am holding yours
and theirs...

xox - eb.


Joining you in prayer and remembrance, Rebecca. Every thought is a prayer.


joining you --


May all those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami be surrounded by healing prayers and love.


One world...we're in this together.

Joining you in prayer as well♥

Toni baxter

lest we forget this is one world! we must look after each other. my prayers are with you and all of our friends around the world for the people of Japan. lyle baxter

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